Who Pays for Divorce?

27th April 2016

This is a question that lots of people ask our Divorce Solicitors and the answer is that it depends.

Usually the person who starts divorce proceedings will be the one to pay the Court fees to start the divorce. The Court fee cost is currently £550 but if you are on a low income you might get help with the Court fees. You can find out more on HM Courts and Tribunals Service website. You can search for the Guide using the form number - EX160A.

However, once you receive the paperwork from the Court, you have a number of options. If you want to agree with the divorce, you complete the paperwork and send it back and you won’t need to pay anything towards the Court fees. 

But if you don’t agree with the divorce, you need to complete the paperwork which asks you why you are defending the divorce. Once you have done this, you will need to send it back with a payment of a £245. This is your Court fee. You could get help with the Court fee in some circumstances. Look for the Guide using EX160A on the HM Courts and Tribunals Service website.

Your final option is to start divorce proceedings yourself. If you decide to do this, you must pay a £550 (unless you can get help with the Court fees) and file the correct forms with the Court.

The details above clearly sets out the Court fees payable in all circumstances when you get divorced. This does not cover Solicitor’s fees though. Getting legal advice from a Divorce Solicitor before you start divorce proceedings will help you to be clear about your options and your rights.

DIY Divorce or Using a Divorce Solicitor

There are many different approaches to getting a divorce. Some people manage the divorce without the help of a Divorce Solicitor. This means they avoid paying any additional costs other than those required by the Court.

At Co-op Legal Services our DIY Divorce pack provides all the necessary forms and guides on how to use the forms included. If your divorce in straightforward and your divorce is amicable, a DIY Divorce pack could suit you.

Even if you decide to go ahead with a DIY Divorce, there may be elements of your divorce that you would like a specialist Divorce Solicitor to help you with.

Alternatively, you can ask a Divorce Solicitor to help you with all aspects of your divorce. This could be unavoidable if your divorce is acrimonious and you cannot reach agreement about some of the issues you need to agree on.

Divorce Financial Arrangements

A specialist Divorce Solicitor can also help you to understand the financial aspects of your divorce.

The financial aspects of your divorce are not included in the divorce process. However, it makes sense to get legal advice from an expert Divorce Solicitor about divorce money matters. Dividing your financial assets after many years of marriage can be a difficult process and understanding the legal aspects of dividing assets after a divorce can be even harder.

It can be easy to forget some of the important and valuable assets such as pensions and pension division can be complicated.

Where you don’t get legal advice from a Divorce Solicitor, you could find that you don’t get a good divorce settlement. Once the settlement is agreed by the Court, there is no going back so getting divorce legal advice early is very important.

At Co-op Legal Services our Divorce Solicitors offer initial legal advice and once we have provided you with a written quote for the agreed work, that price will not change. Call our specialist Divorce Solicitors on 01618558357 or contact us online and we will help you.

Child Arrangements

Arrangement about the care of your children and access arrangements are not included in a divorce. It is important that you make arrangements about your children. You can do this with an informal arrangement but you may find that your ex does not stick to an informal agreement. If this happens, you could go to Court and ask a Judge to provide you with a Court Order.

If your separation is not amicable, you may need help to make formal arrangements for visiting and or living with your children. For more details see Child Arrangement Orders or contact our Family Law Solicitors that specialise in Child Law.

How Co-op Legal Services Can Help

Whether you want to DIY your divorce, want help with some or all of your divorce, we can help. Our flexible approach to our services and fees means you can get the amount of help you need when you need it.

We offer fixed fees in many aspects of divorce. This means we’ll give you a written quote before we start any work and this price won’t change. In circumstances where we can’t offer you a fixed fee divorce, our hourly Divorce Solicitor rates are very
competitive and we invite you to compare our fees. We often blend our fees, to include some parts fixed fee divorce and others hourly rate.

Our specialist team have considerable expertise in the following areas of Divorce and Family Law:

  • International Divorce
  • Complex Property Disputes
  • Child Arrangement Orders
  • Child Abduction
  • Divorce Money Matters
  • Cohabitation
  • Domestic Abuse

Our Family Law and Divorce team inlcudes members of the Law Society Family Law Panel, Family Law Advanced Panel and Children Panel, and members of Resolution and the Association of Lawyers for Children.

For expert legal advice for your divorce call our Divorce Solicitors now on 01618558357 or contact us online and we will call you.

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