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Electric Shock Injury Compensation

You can claim compensation if you suffered electric shock at work due to the fault of another person or negligence by an employer or another business such as a service provider.

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Electric shocks in the workplace can kill due to the high voltage used in industrial and engineering machinery (thousands of volts), but even being electrocuted by a computer or whilst changing a light bulb can cause serious personal injuries.

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of workers and visitors to their business premises, and employers have a duty to make sure that all their electrical equipment is safe.

When a worker or a visitor to a business suffers an electrical injury due to the fault or negligence of another person or party (such as an employer), a claim for compensation can be made. You may be entitled to receive compensation for pain and suffering, medical treatments, rehabilitation support, lost earnings and out of pocket expenses.

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Electric Shock Injuries

An electrical current, even as little as 50 volts can block electronic signals between the brain and the muscles, often causing muscle spasms. In severe cases of electric shock, muscle spasms have broken bones and caused fractures.

Muscle spasms caused by electric shock can be very dangerous as they can cause the person being electrocuted to let go of a safe object, such as a safety rail; or they can stop the person being electrocuted from letting go of a dangerous object, such as a plug or the equipment that is electrocuting them.

Anyone touching or attempting to rescue the person who is being electrocuted will most likely suffer electric shock injuries as well, until the source of the electricity has been switched off. If you see someone who is suffering electric shock at work or at home do not touch them, get the electrical current switched off to break the contact between the person and the electrical supply.

Electrical Burn Injuries

When people suffer electric shock the electrical voltage goes through the body and heats up the muscle tissues. This can cause electrical burn injuries that require hospitalisation, surgery and can also cause permanent disabilities. Electrical burn injuries can occur even after just one second of electrocution.

Electrical Safety at Work

Under UK Health and Safety legislation employers are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of their employees and also the public, if they are at risk from those work activities. This includes electrical safety.

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