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Free legal advice on the procedures involved when a case is referred to the coroner.

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If a death has been referred to the Coroner, our Coroner and Inquest Solicitors can provide legal advice on what a coroner does as well as the processes and procedures involved in an inquest. So you will know exactly what to expect.

We can also provide representation for the family of a deceased person if an inquest results in a civil claim being brought.

Our Coroner and Inquest Solicitors support you with:

  • Free legal advice on the procedures involved when a case is referred to the coroner
  • Expert advice and assistance to the family where the Coroner decides to hold an Inquest
  • Legal advice and representation where the death was caused or contributed to by the actions of a 3rd party such as a medical practitioner, employer or defendant driver.

Why are deaths reported to the coroner?

Currently around 45% of all deaths are reported to the coroner. There are a number of reasons why this may happen, including if the death has been caused by a third party.

Examples include:

Once a death has been referred to the coroner, the coroner will decide whether to hold an inquest.

The coroner must hold an inquest if:

  • After post-mortem, the cause of death is still unknown
  • The person possibly died a violent or unnatural death
  • The person died in prison or police custody

What is an inquest?

An inquest is a legal investigation by a Coroner to establish the circumstances around a death. It will cover factors such as how, when and why the death occurred, but it won't establish if anyone was at fault for the death – this is where our Coroner and Inquest Solicitors can help.

During the inquest, the coroner will gather evidence from witnesses that they have chosen. Anyone acting on behalf of interested persons (e.g. the family of the deceased), such as a Solicitor, also has the opportunity to question these witnesses.

If the inquest finds that the death has been caused or contributed to by the negligent actions of others, it is likely that a Medical Negligence Claim or Personal Injury Claim can be brought. For free initial advice contact our Coroner and Inquest Solicitors on the number below.

If a claim is brought and compensation is awarded to the Estate, then Probate will be needed to administer the Estate. Our Coroner & Inquest Probate Solicitors can advise on how Probate works when the coroner is involved.

No Win No Fee Inquest Representation

If a civil claim arises from your loved one's death and we are instructed to act on your or the Estate's behalf in this claim, we can usually represent you at the Inquest as well on a no win no fee basis.

If a no win no fee arrangement isn't available, we offer transparent, fixed fee pricing.

No one wants to be in the position of having to attend an inquest of a loved one, especially alone. Co-op made the experience far more bearable and were extremely supportive. (R.W., Greater Manchester)

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