How to Stay Safe Driving this Christmas

22 December 2015

With Christmas drawing near and the school holidays around the corner, many of us have our plans for Christmas arranged. For some of us this means travelling to family or friends to other parts of the UK or even just popping round the corner to family in the same town.

One thing is certain this Christmas, we all want to stay safe whilst driving and to avoid road accidents at this time of year. A road accident can be a problem at any time of year, particularly if you have been injured, but Christmas is definitely the time to avoid car accidents and injuries wherever possible. So how can we stay safe on the roads over the Christmas holidays?

  1. Don't Drink and Drive – A Co-op Insurance report* shows that as many as 744,000 people will be driving this Christmas over the legal limit for alcohol. There are some ingrained excuses, despite years of campaigning against drunk driving and the high profile policing that usually takes place in December. 31% of people surveyed said that it wouldn't harm anyone and 28% said that getting a taxi was too expensive. Co-op Insurance is urging people to designate a driver this Christmas, but this has its own challenges; 11% of designated drivers get annoyed with their passengers and 9% decide that they don't want to drink again after seeing their inebriated passengers.
  2. Avoid Driving at Certain Times – If you can change the times you drive this Christmas, the chances of being involved in a road traffic accident with a driver who is drunk are lower. Most car accidents happen as a result of excessive alcohol between the hours of 10pm and 2am. You are least likely to be involved in a car accident with a drunk driver between the hours of 6am and 2pm.
  3. Keep Stress to a Minimum – Driving and being stressed is not a good combination, particularly if you have a long journey ahead. Try to de-stress before getting behind the wheel so the additional stresses of traffic jams and delays won't contribute to you losing the Christmas spirit.

Thankfully, the number of drink driving accidents has reduced significantly. In 1979 there were 12,400 reported accidents involving motorists who were over the legal limit for alcohol and in 2014 (the latest statistic available) this had more than halved, with only 5,650 road accidents – a reduction of 55%. This shows that real progress is being made with combating drink driving particularly as there is so much more traffic on the roads now than in 1979.

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*To read The Co-op Insurance report please click here.

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