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What Can You Do if Your Spouse Will Not Co-operate?

11th August 2017

Separation and divorce can be one of the most challenging times in your life, which is why at Co-op Legal Services we always strive to ensure that the legal process remains as amicable as possible. There are times, however, where one party refuses to co-operate which can make matters more complicated.

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There are a number of instances where one person’s difficult behaviour can cause complications during the divorce or separation. For example, he/she may be refuse to acknowledge the divorce papers. If so, we would need to consider serving the papers personally, or we could make an application to the Court which would allow us to proceed without the divorce papers being signed.

Or he/she may be refusing to provide financial information, which is needed to ensure your divorce settlement is fair and reasonable. In these cases we would need to apply for a Court Order that demands that specific documents are produced.

Or he/she may be refusing to reach agreement or compromise in relation to the arrangements for the children. In these situations we can make an application to the Court asking for the arrangements to be considered by Cafcass and the Judge.

Our Family and Divorce Solicitors can advise you about all your options in these situations, ranging from if your ex-partner has changed the locks on the former matrimonial home through to if they are attempting to conceal financial information which will affect your divorce settlement.

There is no one solution that can be applied in all cases but we can provide you with detailed legal advice and options that are tailored to your specific circumstances. It is often the case that our Solicitors make applications to the Court for Court Orders when a husband or wife is unwilling to co-operate in the divorce process.

Uncooperative Spouse Case Studies

Uncooperative Spouse Served with Court Papers initially, the husband would not agree to the divorce.

Uncooperative Husband Sorted by Co-op Divorce Solicitor – initially, the husband would not agree to sell the family home.

Our Family and Divorce Solicitors will always seek to reach an amicable solution, if Court is the only option we will progress your case in a timely manner and ensure that you get the best most cost effective result.

At Co-op Legal Services we offer both fixed fee and flexible pricing to suit your needs and your budget. Once we have provide you with a written quote for the agreed work to be done, that price will not change.

As part of the Co-op Group our values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others are core to the service we provide.

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Thank you again for my children and my freedom. Mrs. W., Bristol
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