Public transport accident claims

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Our free injury claim assessment service will help you understand whether there is a reasonable chance of successfully pursuing your claim.

Most personal injury claims can be dealt with on a no win no fee basis.

If you were injured in an accident while travelling on public transport, such as a bus, coach, train or tram, we can answer your questions and provide you with free legal advice without using legal jargon.

To have your claim assessed at no cost to you, just provide us with the details about the accident and your personal injuries.

Personal injury claims process

At Co-op Legal Services we make the personal injury claims process easy. First we listen to you tell us about the public transport accident you were involved in, and about your personal injuries. Next we review and assess your claim, then we can tell you if you have a claim for compensation or not.

If you do have a claim we will tell you if your claim can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

Your rehabilitation and compensation

If Co-op Legal Services takes on your claim we will take steps to enable your medical condition to be assessed by a medical expert.

At the same time we work to establish who was at fault for the accident that caused your injuries and collect evidence to support getting an admission of liability (fault) from the other side.

Your Co-op team of Personal Injury Solicitors and specialists will review the evidence and details from similar accident claim cases to calculate how much compensation you should receive. In addition we calculate any damages you are entitled to such as lost earnings, missed pension payments, damaged personal items and out of pocket expenses.

We can then start negotiating with the other side. When liability (fault) is admitted quickly, medical treatments and/or rehabilitation can start quickly and we can apply for interim payments of compensation to be paid.

If liability is denied by the other side then your Personal Injury Solicitor can start litigation (the process of taking legal action) to secure a fair amount of compensation for you as quickly as possible. We have specialist Litigation Lawyers at Co-op Legal Services as well as external Barristers that we can call on if needed; but most of our personal injury claims settle before going to Court.

Co-op Legal Services works hard to make sure you are properly looked after so we concentrate on you and your recovery as well as your accident claim. As part of a large ethical organisation, we ensure that you are fully supported throughout the claim, whatever your injury and circumstances.

Co-op Legal Services works hard to ensure that you receive the best legal advice and support from our teams of expert Personal Injury Solicitors, Litigation Lawyers, Legal Executives and staff.

Several of our Personal Injury Solicitors are members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).