Separation agreement solicitors

We offer initial legal advice about separation and offer fixed fee prices for separation agreements.

We will write a separation agreement to best fit your particular circumstances. For example you may want a separation agreement to include:

  • How much each of you contributes to rent/mortgage or household bills until you can vacate, sell or transfer your home.
  • How to deal with any mutual debts.
  • How to deal with any proceeds from the sale of a property, after paying off any outstanding mortgage balance or sale costs. How to deal with any pensions, joint bank accounts or credit cards.
  • What will happen to items you’ve bought together, such as cars and furniture.
  • What will happen to the family pets.
  • Maintenance agreed to support one person and/or any children.
  • Who the children will live with and when they will see the other parent.

How much does a separation agreement cost?

Our Fixed Fee Separation Agreement costs £900 including VAT.

Once we have provided you with a written quote for the agreed work on your separation agreement, that price will not change.

Included in the fixed fee separation agreement

  • Initial legal advice by consultation or detailed telephone call.
  • Advising you of the implications of signing a Separation Agreement.
  • Informing you of the financial information needed and drafting a Schedule setting out your respective financial positions.
  • Drafting the Separation Agreement to reflect the agreement you have reached with your partner.

Not included in the fixed fee separation agreement

  • Advice on what agreement you ought to make as that would be based on a detailed consideration of all your financial information, and may require reports from other professionals such as Accountants.
  • Any work required to implement the terms of the separation agreement for example transferring an interest in property.
  • Any negotiations if there is a disagreement (that work would be conducted on an hourly rate basis).

This fixed fee separation agreement package is only suitable for:

  • People who have already reached an agreement.
  • Cases that do not have complex assets such as foreign property.

The package is not available to those with assets of over £1,000,000

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