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Fatal Accident Compensation Claims

When someone dies as a result of a fatal accident caused by the fault or negligence of another person or party (such as a company), then the spouse or family of the deceased person can make a fatal accident claim for compensation.

In the short term, it may be possible to secure funds to help with funeral costs and related expenses, reducing some of the immediate stress on the family.

For free legal advice call our Fatal Accident Solicitors on 0330 606 9587 or contact us online and we will help you.

At Co-op Legal Services most claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

It is part of the Co-op’s ethos and values to provide help and support enforcing legal rights so as to prevent injustice, and we will always strive to secure the best possible compensation for our clients.

How We Will Help You

We will provide free initial legal advice based on the information you provide.

A Senior Solicitor in our serious injury claims team will review this information to initially assess the circumstances of the accident. At this point we may be able to advise you if your claim is likely to be successful, although further details may be needed beforehand.

If we take on your claim a Senior Personal Injury Solicitor will be assigned to your case and provide you with their contact details. Your Solicitor will work quickly to establish who is at fault and gather evidence to obtain an admission of liability (fault). Your Solicitor and his/her team will gather information and the evidence required to assess the value of your claim to negotiate a fair compensation settlement for you as quickly as possible.

Additional Financial Support

We can take steps to secure additional financial support in appropriate cases, for example:

Fatal Accident Dependency Claims

Family members and loved ones who were dependent on the deceased financially are often overwhelmed by the combination of grief and having to deal with financial situations that were previously dealt with by the deceased.

A claim can be brought under the Fatal Accidents Act 1976, which includes various provisions, such as a Bereavement Award of £12,980 paid to the spouse, civil partner, or parent of the deceased (if the child was under 18 at the time of the fatal accident).

Dependency for Financial Support

Claims can be brought for those who were financially dependent on the deceased including surviving spouses or civil partners, members of a couple who have lived together for two years, children under 18 years old who were dependent on the deceased for day to day living expenses, and young adults who remained dependent on financial support after leaving school; for example with university fees.

Dependency for Services

For those who have lost a loved one that helped with an array of tasks such as shopping, cleaning, gardening, and DIY, then a claim for dependency on services can be made to compensate the loss.

Loss of Intangible Benefits

Spouses and parents of a person killed in a fatal accident can also bring a claim for the less tangible benefits that will have been lost with the untimely passing of a husband, wife, or child and which are not accounted for by the other types of claims listed above.

Estate of the Deceased

If you were not married or in a civil partnership, nor the child of the deceased but you have organised the funeral, you may claim back the funeral costs on behalf of the Estate of the deceased. This may allow you to recover a range of funeral costs, including for the headstone, flowers, and costs of the wake.

Fatal Accident Claims

We do understand that the sudden loss of a loved one in a fatal injury accident is one of the most shocking and traumatic events that anyone can face. Sadly, our experience of dealing with many fatal accident claims has taught us that some people want answers as to what happened, whilst others who know what happened, understandably struggle to accept the loss.

This is not a time when family members should have to think about the costs of making a claim for compensation, this is a time when the spouse and family need the very best possible support which can be provided. In many cases this includes legal support from Solicitors who specialise in fatal accident claims.

Every year we secure millions of pounds in compensation for people injured in accidents across the UK, particularly in road accidents and workplace accidents. If we can provide you with a No Win No Fee agreement for your claim, this means that if your claim is unsuccessful, there is no financial risk to you as all your legal fees will be covered*.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors offer free legal advice without the jargon and can assess your claim at no cost to you. Our free claim assessment service will help you understand whether there is a reasonable chance of successfully pursuing the claim.

We will do our very best to answer any questions you have, and we can advise you on what to do next. We can also provide you with representation and support at an Inquest.

For free legal advice call our Fatal Accident Solicitors on 0330 606 9587 or contact us online and we will call you.

Fatal Accident Claim Time Limit

In the UK there is a three year time limit for making a fatal accident compensation claim. This means that legal proceedings have to be started in Court within three years of the date of the accident, or the date that the claimant (the person making the claim) became aware of the injuries that resulted in the fatality.

Many fatal accident claims are settled before the initial Court hearing because in many cases the defending insurance company will make a compensation settlement offer to avoid Court costs and/or publicity.

Fatal Injury Accidents at Work

The HSE reports there were 137 workers killed at work, and 92 members of the public were killed due to work related activities in 2016/17**. This shows that fatal accidents at work are still far too common.

Employers in England and Wales are required by law to:

  • Control risks in the workplace
  • Comply with health and safety law
  • Carry out risk assessments.
  • Have Employers Liability insurance to protect workers from accidents.

Many work accidents occur when health and safety law is not followed and particularly when an employer has not carried out a risk assessment before potentially dangerous work starts.

In 2014/15 over half the fatal injuries to workers were as a result of falls from height, being hit by a vehicle and being hit by a moving object.

Fatal Road Accident Claims

Our Fatal Accident Solicitors deal with thousands of road accident injury claims every year from across the UK. Sadly some of these cases result in fatal injuries for car and truck drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and particularly motorcyclists.

We offer free legal advice and a sympathetic ear when you need it most.

For free legal advice call our Fatal Accident Solicitors on 0330 606 9587 or contact us online and we will help you.

Co-op Legal Services has over 600 staff working in different businesses with offices in Manchester, Bristol, Stratford-upon-Avon, Sheffield and London.

* Subject to entering into and complying with the terms of a No Win No Fee Agreement and taking out and complying with the terms of an After The Event insurance policy (when appropriate).

** HSE Fatal injury statistics.

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I am very impressed. Each situation arising in the complicated case and relevant rules and laws were explained clearly and truthfully and my interests were protected. M. U., Birmingham
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