Military injury compensation claims

Military accident and injury claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis

Personal injury claims against MoD

Our military personal injury claims team understands a wide range of military accidents, injury and illness cases, in particular accidents involving:

Training exercises, abseiling, defective equipment, diving, parachuting, road transport accidents, air and sea transport accidents, helicopter accidents, negligent military discharges, explosions, injuries as a result of exposure to extreme hot or cold weather and illnesses caused by exposure to harmful chemicals or dangerous materials.

If you or a member of your family are in this situation you may be entitled to receive compensation and/or military disability compensation for:

  • past, current and anticipated future pain and suffering
  • anticipated loss of earnings, rank and career opportunities
  • anticipated medical care required to support you in the future
  • prosthetics, rehabilitation aids and support to help you in the future

How we can help you

We offer free legal advice without the jargon to help you understand if you have a claim for compensation. If your claim is unsuccessful, there is no financial risk to you as all your legal fees will be covered*.

If we take on your military injury claim you will have designated Solicitor who will want to meet with you to fully understand your situation. Your Co-op Solicitor has a dedicated team of legal, medical experts to ensure that we can deliver the best service possible in pursuing your personal injury claim against MoD.

Our expert team will listen to the circumstances and details of what happened to you, and provide you with a no nonsense opinion on your prospects of making a successful personal injury claim against the Ministry of Defence.

In cases of severe personal injury and psychological trauma, we work hard to provide a sympathetic and understanding service, supporting you throughout the process and working to secure the justice and the compensation you deserve.

This applies equally, if not more so, in cases where a fatal military accident has occurred, and the claim is being brought by surviving relatives.

Injury claims against MoD

If we take on your injury claim against MoD, we will explain each step in clear, jargon free language and keep you regularly informed as your claim progresses. We understand how the MoD injury claims process works and are uniquely placed to deal with their insurers and Solicitors.

It may initially seem daunting to pursue an injury claim against MoD, but MoD has adequate funds in place to cover military injury claims for compensation. Most of the correspondence during the claim will be with the MoD's insurer and Solicitors rather than the MoD itself.

We may be able to offer a bespoke rehabilitation program should our experts believe that your injuries require clinical or non-clinical assistance and that you would benefit from such assistance. We believe our proactive approach will have a positive impact on your recovery and that it will make a significant difference during your recovery period.

We offer a confidential service within our professional obligations which ensures that should you wish to pursue a claim for personal injury, the MoD are not be able to take a hostile view.

Military accident and injury claims include:

Combat claims

  • post Traumatic Stress Order (PTSD)
  • sent in with defective equipment or inadequate equipment
  • strategic planning – tactics were problematic from the start
  • defective equipment such as tanks, helicopters, jeeps
  • guns, vests, helmets etc. (personal equipment)

Non-combat / military training exercise claims

  • health and Safety risk assessments in place
  • correct equipment available for the training exercise
  • defective equipment used in training exercise.

Military work accidents

  • burn injuries
  • trips and slips
  • falls from height
  • vehicle accidents on base

Time limits for military injury claims

As British military personnel are deployed across the world by various modes of transport, the time limits for bringing a claim against the MoD varies and analysis is required. For example, in England and Wales the time limit for bringing an injury claim against the MoD is 3 years from the date of the accident or the date of knowledge; whichever is the later.

When British Soldiers, Sailors or Air Force personnel suffer personal injury as a result of an accident on a boat or an aircraft the time limit is 2 years.

Service personnel who bring a claim under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme have 7 years within which to bring their claim.

Military personnel who make a claim under the Criminal Injuries Compensation (Overseas) Scheme (CICO) have 2 years from the date of the injury, but must have their application countersigned by their Commanding Officer.

Soldiers, Sailors or Air Force personnel who make a claim under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme (CICA) have 2 years from the date of the injury to make a claim.

If you have suffered an injury or are suffering an illness due to the conditions that you have been exposed to whilst engaged in military service and feel that the MoD is to blame, we can review your claim at no cost to you and advise you on what to do next.

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* Subject to entering into and complying with the terms of a No Win No Fee Agreement and taking out and complying with the terms of an After The Event insurance policy (when appropriate).