Divorce Case Study - Husband Agreed to Nothing

12 May 2016

Client Situation

Mrs A spoke with our divorce team as she wanted to start divorce proceedings. Mrs A and her husband had been married for 10 years and had no children.

Their marital home was in Mr A's name only and he had offered Mrs A only 25% of the net value of property and he refused to give her any of his pension.

How We Helped

Our Divorce Solicitors advised Mrs A not to accept the 25% of the property value as she was entitled to a larger share, and that she was also entitled to a share of Mr A's pension.

We made application to the Court but Mr A would not engage with the Court at all. He would not agree to anything.

We helped Mrs A to register her home rights. This allowed Mrs A to protect her share in the marital home as they had lived in the property together for the last 10 years.

We also helped Mrs A to get an accurate valuation of the property, and to get Mr A's cash equivalent transfer value of his pension, which would help the Court to decide how much of his pension she should get.

The Outcome

Mrs A was given a 40% share in the marital home and awarded 50% of Mr A's pension. This was limited to pension contributions made during their 10 year marriage.

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