Civil partnership dissolution

Our civil partnership dissolution service provides you with a family law solicitor to dissolve your civil partnership for you.

How much does a civil partnership dissolution cost?

At Co-op Legal Services our fixed fee civil partnership dissolution service costs £600 including VAT.

Please note, in addition to our fixed fee a court fee of £593 will be payable directly to the court.

We will agree our legal fee with you upfront before any legal work starts. Once we have provided you with a written quote for the agreed work to be done on your civil partnership dissolution, that price will not change.

Ending a civil partnership in England or Wales

You are required to have been in a civil partnership for at least a year before you can apply to the court to end it, this is called dissolving a civil partnership. You are not free to enter into another civil partnership until this process is complete and you have received the final order.

To dissolve a civil partnership, you or your partner will need to make an application stating that the relationship has irretrievably broken down.

It's not possible for one person to contest a civil partnership dissolution, unless this is on the basis of jurisdiction.

How long does it take to end a civil partnership?

If there are no complications, the civil partnership dissolution process generally takes four to six months to complete.

Resolving money matters in civil partnership dissolution

When you dissolve your civil partnership, the final order will not resolve any financial commitments you have from the civil partnership. You will need to make a financial application to the court to resolve these issues and sever any financial ties you have to your ex-partner.

If you both agree on how to divide your finances, you can apply to the court for a financial order. If you can't agree, you may want to instruct a solicitor to negotiate a financial agreement for you. This is called a contested financial order.

We recommend that you resolve your money matters alongside dissolving your civil partnership. Depending on your circumstances, we might recommend delaying the application to finalise the civil partnership dissolution until your money matters have been resolved.

Find out more about resolving your finances during a civil partnership dissolution.

Is an application needed to dissolve a civil partnership?

When beginning a civil partnership dissolution, an application to dissolve your civil partnership must be completed and submitted to the court.

This is the application form used to issue either divorce or civil partnership dissolution proceedings, and is commonly referred to as the 'application.' The person who submits this form is called the applicant. It's also possible for a couple to make this application jointly.

The application must state that the relationship has irretreivably broken down.

What is a conditional order in civil partnership dissolution?

A conditional order is the first of two court orders that must be made before a civil partnership can legally end.

As long as the court is satisfied with the application for the civil partnership dissolution, it will be approved. OInce the court has agreed that you can end your civil partnership, they will issue the conditional order.

After the conditional order has been pronounced, the applicant must wait until 20 weeks has passed since the application was submitted, then they can apply for a final order. The final order is the final stage of the civil partnership dissolution process and will legally end the civil partnership.

Any alternatives to dissolving a civil partnership?

If you want to separate from your civil partner but don’t want to dissolve the partnership, or it has been less than a year since you registered your civil partnership, you can apply to the court for a separation order.

If you get a separation order and want to dissolve your civil partnership at a later stage, your family law solicitors can support you with this.

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