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Accident at Work Claims - No Win No Fee

For free legal advice call our Personal Injury Solicitors on 0330 606 9587 or contact us online and we will help you.

Most accident at work claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis. This allows your claim to proceed whilst giving you time to focus on your recovery.

As part of the Co-op Group our values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others are core to the service we provide.

"I received my settlement cheque today, thank you for finalising my claim so quickly. I cannot praise the team enough from the point of when I handed my claim over, especially the effort you have put in on my behalf, so thank you again." P. F.

Can I Claim for My Accident at Work?

You can claim compensation if you were injured in an accident that happened in a workplace or whilst you were working for an employer in another location.

Your employment status at the time of the accident doesn’t matter, so you can claim compensation whether you were employed full time, part time, working on a zero hours contract, self-employed or you were visiting a business, government building or public place when the accident took place.

A claim for work accident compensation will usually include damages for injuries, pain and suffering, lost earnings, out-of-pocket expenses, medical treatments and rehabilitation support costs.

Will Claiming Compensation Affect My Job?

Employers in England and Wales are required by law to have Employers Liability insurance cover to protect people from accidents at work. When work accident compensation is paid, in most cases, the compensation is paid by the employer’s liability insurance company and not the employer.

Employers often expect a personal injury claim to be made when someone has been injured in an accident at work. For many people personal injury claims are the only way to recover their lost earnings.

For free legal advice call our Personal Injury Solicitors on 0330 606 9587 or contact us online and we will call you.

What Happens When I Contact Co-op Legal Services?

We will listen to your situation, give you expert legal advice and assess your claim at no cost to you. At Co-op Legal Services we want to ensure that you are properly looked after so we focus on you and your recovery as well as your claim.

As soon as we take on your work accident claim we work quickly to establish who is at fault and gather the evidence to obtain an admission of liability (fault). We will also gather information and evidence required to assess the value of your claim to negotiate a fair compensation settlement for you as quickly as possible.

Your Rehabilitation, Recovery and Compensation

Once we take on your claim, we will take steps to enable your medical condition to be assessed by a medical expert. Depending on your personal injuries and your particular needs, we may be able to arrange for medical treatments and rehabilitation support to start straight away if there is already strong evidence to substantiate your claim, or if responsibility for the accident which caused your injuries has already been admitted by the other side.

Interim Payments of Compensation

When responsibility for the accident that caused your injuries has been admitted, we may be able to secure Interim Payments of compensation to ensure that you are not out of pocket for expenses related to your injury and your rehabilitation.

What You Should Do Now

You must ensure that your work accident is properly reported to your manager or supervisor as soon as possible. Every workplace should have an accident book where details of accidents can be reported. Your workplace may also have an Accident Report Form which you should complete.

It is essential to get specialist legal advice quickly. One of our Personal Injury Solicitors that specialises in employers' liability claims can review the details of your accident, provide you with expert legal advice, and advise you on what to do next.

For free legal advice call our Personal Injury Claims Solicitors on 0330 606 9587 or contact us online and we will help you.

Case Studies

Accident at Work Claim Settled for £3,600 Compensation.

Accident at Work Claim Settled for £19,545 Compensation.

As part of the largest Co-operative organisation in the UK, Co-op Legal Services works hard to ensure that our clients receive the best legal advice and support from our teams of Personal Injury Solicitors, Litigation Lawyers, Legal Executives, Case Handlers and staff.

Several of our Personal Injury Solicitors are APIL members (The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers).

Co-op Legal Services has over 600 staff working in different businesses with offices in Manchester, Bristol, Stratford-upon-Avon, Sheffield and London.

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Given the stress I have been under over the last 6 months, I consider the service given to be extremely sensitive, helpful, encouraging and very customer focused. S.M., York
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I have never known such thoroughness and attention to detail. Exceptional!! Mr Jason Harries has given a truly professional and personal caring service. J.G., Nailsworth
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I felt that calls were personal to my situation, I felt well informed and at ease. C.D., Cambridgeshire
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