How Long Does it Take to Make a Will?

29 November 2016

Making a Will is often believed to be a long, complex and expensive process. At Co-op Legal Services we don't believe that has to be the case. Our Will Writing Service has been designed to be quick, easy to use, accessible and affordable.

Traditionally, making a Will firstly involves arranging a meeting with a local Solicitor. This isn't as easy as may first appear particularly if you have a busy working or family life.

It becomes even more difficult if you are a couple wanting to make Wills together because you then both need available times for rather than just one. Problems arise such as arranging for you both get time off work because the Solicitor's office is only open during office hours. Do you really want to use a valuable day of annual leave to get your Will written?

That's one of the many good reasons Co-op Legal Services provides a telephone service that's available outside of regular office hours. Our Wills Advisors can answer your questions about making a Will and how our service works as well as providing you with an upfront fix fee quote to do it all for you.

Once you've decided to use our Will Writing Service, we'll book you in for a convenient time for your Will appointment to take place and send you out confirmation by post or email, whichever you prefer, together with some helpful information about things to consider about your Will in advance.

At the agreed time we'll call you and discuss your wishes and take your instructions. This normally takes around 30 to 40 minutes depending on your circumstances.

After the appointment, we aim to send you a draft of your Will within 7 working days to consider.

You'll then check the draft of your Will to make sure you're happy with everything. If you want to make any changes at this stage you can do so at no additional cost. It’s all part of our fixed fee Will Writing Service.

Once you've confirmed that you're happy with everything, we'll then prepare the original Will and sent it to you to sign together with signing instructions, again, within 7 working days. Simple.

Once you've arranged for your Will to be signed and witnessed, you can send it back to us and we'll store it for you completely free of charge for your lifetime.

We can also send you back a photocopy of your signed Will in case you want to review it in the future. Alternatively you may want additional photocopies to give your loved ones so they know what your Will says and where the original is being stored. Either way, just let us know. There's no extra cost involved, it’s all part of our service.

We want to provide you with a first class experience that's not only affordable and accessible, but also is a professional service that doesn't take up much of your time either.

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