A&E medical negligence claims

Most A&E negligence claims can be dealt with on a no win no fee basis.

If your claim is unsuccessful, there is no financial risk to you as all your legal fees will be covered*. As part of the Co-op Group, our values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others are core to the service we provide.

Our Medical Negligence Solicitors can help you and support you in bringing a medical negligence claim for compensation, rehabilitation support, future care needs, loss of earnings or income, and out-of-pocket expenses. Most A&E negligence claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

Hospital accident and emergency claims

Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments are busy and unfortunately mistakes are sometimes made. A&E Medical errors can relate to performing an inadequate examination, taking a proper patient history, arranging appropriate investigations such as X-ray or blood test, correctly interpreting investigations, recognising red-flag symptoms or admitting patients.

Examples of commonly reported negligent A&E cases include:

  • missed scaphoid fracture
  • missed tendon damage
  • missed testicular torsion
  • delay in diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome
  • delay in diagnosis of stroke

If you are unhappy with the care you have received in a hospital A&E, please call us to arrange a free consultation with a Medical Negligence Solicitor.

If we take on your medical negligence claim, we can investigate the care you received by reviewing your medical records and, if necessary, obtaining advice from independent medical experts.

If the investigation indicates that medical mistakes were made, your Medical Negligence Solicitor will share the results of this investigation with NHS Resolution, the NHS Authority which manages claims on behalf of the NHS.

If NHS Resolution agrees that mistakes were made, your Medical Negligence Solicitor will then work with them to agree the effect of the mistake on your eventual outcome and the appropriate amount of compensation to be awarded.

If the other side deny liability (fault) for the mistake or negligence your Medical Negligence Solicitor can start litigation to secure a fair compensation settlement for you. Most of our claims settle out of Court, so in most cases it would not be necessary for you to go to Court.

A&E negligence case example

The A&E Negligence case below (not dealt with by Co-op Legal Services but reported in a legal database**) demonstrate how Medical Negligence Solicitors can work to secure compensation and rehabilitation support.

The case of Mr B

Mr B was a 48 year old postman who slipped on ice. As a result he suffered pain and swelling to his middle and little finger.

The following day, the symptoms continued so Mr B visited his local A&E department. An X-ray was performed. Mr B was advised that there was no bony injury and he was discharged home.

Mr B continued to suffer pain following his discharge, so he visited his GP. The GP arranged another X-ray which revealed a fracture to the ring finger. Mr B was later advised that, on reflection, the fracture had been visible on the first X-ray that had been taken.

By the time the fracture had been diagnosed it was virtually healed and so it was, unfortunately, too late to perform an internal fixation. Instead, Mr B underwent a joint fusion. Despite this procedure, Mr B continued to have problems and ultimately had the finger amputated.

Mr B instructed Medical Negligence Solicitors to investigate whether the care provided by the A&E department had been of an acceptable standard. The conclusion of the investigation was that the fracture should have been diagnosed on Mr B’s first visit to the A&E department and, had it been appropriately identified and treated, the amputation would have been avoided.

Mr B’s Medical Negligence Solicitors shared the evidence from their investigation with NHS Resolution. NHS Resolution, on behalf of the hospital Trust responsible for the A&E department, admitted that the fracture should have been diagnosed from the first X-ray.

Compensation awarded

Mr B’s Solicitors then worked with NHS Resolution to reach an agreement as to, had the fracture been diagnosed and treated promptly, whether the amputation would have been avoided and what the appropriate amount of compensation would be. Ultimately the parties agreed a compensation settlement figure of £30,000.

* Subject to entering into and complying with the terms of a No Win No Fee Agreement and taking out and complying with the terms of an After The Event insurance policy (when appropriate).

** Case reported in the Personal Injuries Quantum Database of LexisNexis.

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