Industrial disease claims

Most industrial disease claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

The first thing we can do to help you is to review your industrial disease claim free of charge. We can answer any questions you have without using legal jargon, and provide you with an expert evaluation of your claim and the chances of you being awarded compensation.

If you contracted an industrial disease or suffered from an industrial injury caused by your work then you may be able to claim compensation against your employer if they are at fault. If you are in this situation you may be entitled to receive industrial injury compensation for:

  • your pain and suffering in the past and anticipated in the future, particularly if your condition is likely to deteriorate.
  • the anticipated loss of earnings and care that might be required as a result of the industrial disease.
  • rehabilitation support, aids and purchases made to make your life easier, such as a stair lift

Industrial disease claim specialists

Our Personal Injury Solicitors handle a wide range of industrial disease cases, some of which have become legal precedents for other cases. We specialise in these types of industrial disease claims:

  • asbestosis, pleural thickening, mesothelioma or lung cancer caused by asbestos dust. These conditions all damage the lungs.
  • other lung diseases like silicosis or pneumoconiosis caused by dusts in coal mines, foundries, factories or quarries.
  • bladder cancer caused by aniline dyes and chemicals.
  • nasal cancer caused by wood dust or industrial chemicals.
  • asthma caused by industrial chemicals, solvents or dusts.
  • industrial deafness caused by repeated exposure to loud noise at work.
  • dermatitis and some skin cancers caused by irritant dusts or fumes.
  • neurological injuries from industrial solvents.
  • hand/arm vibration injuries caused by handling tools such as wood saws or pneumatic drills.
  • cancer caused by exposure to benzene and other chemicals.

If you have suffered from an industrial illness or injury due to conditions you were exposed to at work and feel that your current or previous employer is to blame, call our Personal Injury Solicitors for free legal advice. We will listen to your situation and advise you on what to do next.

The responsibility of employers

Employers in England and Wales have a duty to take reasonable care of their employees' health and safety. Whether in a factory or an office, your place of work must be safe and your employer has a responsibility to try to prevent injury or illness occurring.

Employers' Responsibilities include:

  • Providing appropriate equipment and clothing to protect against harm.
  • Protecting employees from dangerous and harmful substances.
  • Effective implementation of health and safety guidelines, including regular checks.
  • Considering the risks to employees and how these can be best made safe.
  • Ensuring that employees are competent in carrying out their role so that they will not harm themselves or others.
  • Having systems and processes in place to enable employees to work in the safest way possible.
  • Ensuring employees have the right equipment and materials to do their job safely

Evidence to support your industrial claim

Once we take on your industrial claim your Personal Injury Solicitor will advise you of the information and evidence that will be required in order to substantiate your claim. In industrial claims the information gathering stage can take time and requires thorough investigation.

We will need to prove that the conditions which you worked in were poor and that your employer was negligent.

Critical information usually required for industrial claims includes:

  • statements from other employees who worked in similar conditions or at the same place.
  • your employment history, usually from the date you left school describing all the jobs that brought you into contact with the conditions that have caused your illness or injury.
  • names of current and former employers and the details of your role.
  • what you were exposed to that caused your disease, how often you were exposed to it and for how long.
  • medical evidence that links your illness to your work.

Solicitors, barristers and medical experts

Your Personal Injury Solicitor is supported by experienced Barristers who can be called upon if required. Furthermore we work closely with leading engineering and medical experts to ensure that you have the best support during your claim and we can refer you to support groups who can help you with benefit claims.

We focus on you and your claim

Contracting an illness whilst at work can be a stressful and painful experience. Your Personal Injury Solicitor will aim to do everything they can to ease the burden on you during your industrial claim and to ensure that your future, and that of your loved ones, is best taken care of. Your specialist and dedicated teams will provide an efficient service which focuses on you and your needs.

Focus on you

  • we will offer expert support and guidance, ensuring that you know exactly what information is needed in order to substantiate your claim.
  • your specialist legal teams are experts in industrial claims so you can be assured of the right skills and legal experience whatever your situation.
  • your Personal Injury Solicitor will communicate clearly with you ensuring everything is straightforward and easy to understand.
  • your Personal Injury Solicitor will provide expert legal advice and support throughout your claim. We can also help you access the services of support groups for various work related injuries or illnesses

Your industrial disease claim

Your Co-op Personal Injury Solicitor will aim to ensure that your every need is taken care of in the management of your claim.

  • Whilst bringing a claim against your employer or ex-employer may seem daunting, your expert team will ensure that the process is as smooth and straight forward as possible.

  • Industrial disease claims often require Court proceedings and your Personal Injury Solicitor may enlist the services of specialist Barristers to ensure a fair settlement of your claim. If Court proceedings are necessary your Solicitor will provide you with expert support throughout the process.

  • Due to the nature of industrial disease claims, gathering the information to substantiate your claim can take time. In order to minimise disruption to you, your Solicitor will advise you on your eligibility for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit or a payment of a one-off lump sum under the Pneumoconiosis Workers' Compensation Act.

  • If your employer has ceased trading your Personal Injury Solicitor will identify and correspond with their insurers during the time of your employment. Our Solicitors have a unique database of past company information which can assist in this situation.

  • If your claim involves more than one employer, your Personal Injury Solicitor will advise you on how to handle the situation. If an employer accepts liability but only partially on the basis that they feel you were exposed to the same conditions with another employer, your Solicitor will advise you on their decision on compensation and what to do about the other employer.

  • If your employer accepts liability, they may make an offer to settle your claim on a final or provisional basis if you have an illness which may progress and become more serious or if you have been treated for a cancer that might return. A final settlement may be a larger amount of compensation, but you cannot claim for more compensation in the future should your condition worsen. A provisional settlement is smaller, but allows you to claim again in the future if necessary. Your Personal Injury Solicitor will advise you on the decisions that you need to make in this situation.

  • Should the worst happen and you pass away before your case is settled, your Solicitor will advise your family on how to progress the claim. If you have a terminal illness then you may wish to settle the claim during your lifetime, or receive an Interim Payment with the final compensation settlement being concluded after you have passed away. The final settlement after your death would form part of your estate for your loved ones. Your Personal Injury Solicitor will advise you on what to do and the options available.

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