Personal injury and fatal accident claims

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Expert legal advice without the jargon and a free assessment of your personal injury claim.

Our personal injury solicitors deal with accidents and personal injury claims on a no win no fee basis.

We will answer your questions without using legal jargon, and provide you with a free, expert assessment of your personal injury claim to establish your chances of being awarded compensation.

Every year our personal injury solicitors and litigation lawyers secure millions of pounds in compensation through personal injury claims for people who have been injured in accidents through no fault of their own.

A serious accident can have devastating, life changing or even fatal consequences. If someone close to you has died in a fatal accident, our personal injury solicitors can provide you with legal advice, support and guidance on making a fatal accident claim. Our solicitors can also provide inquest representation.

For medical negligence claims and fatalities we also have a dedicated expert team of medical negligence solicitors.

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Personal injury claims frequently asked questions

What is a personal injury claim?

If someone is injured in an accident that has been caused by the actions or negligence of someone else, then they may be entitled to make a claim for compensation. This is a personal injury claim.

A personal injury claim can be brought following an accident that has happened almost anywhere, including at work, on the road, in a public place or on holiday

The purpose of a personal injury claim is to compensate the injured person (and their loved ones) for the loss, pain and suffering they've endured. The compensation will also factor in any financial loss that has been incurred (like lost earnings) as a result of the injury, as well as the cost of rehabilitation or medical treatment.

Ultimately, the purpose of the personal injury claim is to minimise the impact that the injury has on the life of the injured person, and get them as close as possible to the position they were in before the accident happened.

The personal injury solicitors or litigation lawyers assigned to your personal injury claim will speak to you using language that's easy to understand, with no legal jargon. We'll use a variety of communication methods to suit you, including post, email, telephone and text message.

How much is my personal injury claim worth?

The value of your personal injury claim will be dependent on a number of factors. These include the severity of your injuries, the impact of these on your life (both now and in the future), any financial losses you've sustained, and your ongoing treatment and rehabilitation requirements.

All of these factors will be taken into consideration when calculating how much compensation you are awarded.

See examples of compensation values that our personal injury solicitors have secured for our clients:

How do no win no fee personal injury claims work?

At Co-op Legal Services, we can handle most personal injury claims on a no win no fee basis. What this means is that if your claim is unsuccessful, there's no financial risk to you as your legal fees will be covered.

If your claim is successful, your legal fees will be covered in part by the other side and in part by a success fee deduction. There are no up-front fees to be paid by you when you enter into a no win no fee arrangement.

How long does a personal injury claim take?

How long a Personal Injury Claim takes depends on the severity of the injuries sustained and the complexity of the claim. A simple claim could take a few months, while a particularly complex claim could take years.

As well as the severity of the injuries, other factors that can delay a Personal Injury Claim include:

  • establishing the full extent of the injuries (through medical assessments and expert analysis)
  • obtaining and reviewing evidence
  • identifying all those involved and establishing fault (liability)
  • undertaking litigation if liability is disputed (going to Court)

It's important to take the first step in a Personal Injury Claim as soon as possible, as strict legal time limits apply. Generally the deadline to make a legal claim is 3 years from the date the injury occurred. If a claim has not been brought within this time, then it will no longer be possible to make a claim (other than in exceptional circumstances).

What are the most common types of personal injury claim?

Accidents can, and do, happen in a variety of ways. Our Personal Injury Solicitors can deal with many types of claim arising from accidents.

The most common types of claim that our Personal Injury Solicitors deal with include:

Our Personal Injury Solicitors also specialise in Serious Injury and Fatal Accident Claims, which are often complex and require a specialist level of knowledge and expertise. Serious Injury Claim types that we specialise in include:

How to prove fault in a personal injury claim

In order to prove fault in a Personal Injury Claim, your Solicitor will need to establish exactly how the accident happened and source evidence to support this.

Evidence may include:

  • witness statements
  • photographic evidence of the scene, the injuries sustained, and any damage to machinery / vehicles / clothing, etc
  • CCTV / dash-cam or helmet-cam footage
  • medical reports
  • police reports
  • accident book
  • accident reconstruction

Your Personal Injury Solicitor may deem it necessary to visit the scene of the accident in person. They will then liaise with the opponent on your behalf to obtain an admission of liability and negotiate a fair settlement. If the opponent denies liability then your Solicitor will begin litigation by going to Court.

Your Personal Injury Solicitor, with the support of our wider team of specialists, will work closely with you to present your Personal Injury Claim in the strongest way possible. Your Solicitor will always work to secure a fair compensation settlement without the need to go to Court, where possible. If your claim does go to Court, your Solicitor will be with you every step of the way to provide legal representation, support and legal guidance.

When you contact Co-op Legal Services, we will assess your Personal Injury Claim for free, to help you understand if your claim has a reasonable chance of success. Our Personal Injury Solicitors will also offer you free initial legal advice and guidance, with no obligation on you to instruct us.

Why use Co-op's expert personal injury solicitors?

We care

It is part of the Co-op's ethos and values to provide help and support by enforcing legal rights so as to prevent injustice. We will always strive to secure the best possible outcome and compensation, where we can also provide access to rehabilitation for our clients.

There will be no nasty surprises when your Personal Injury Claim is dealt with by Co-op Legal Services. As part of the Co-op Group, our values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others are core to the service we provide.

No win no fee

When you contact Co-op Legal Services, we will assess your Personal Injury Claim free of charge, to help you understand if your claim has a reasonable chance of success. Our Personal Injury Solicitors will also offer you free initial legal advice and guidance, with no obligation on you to instruct us.

Find out more about our no win no fee personal injury claims.

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