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Legal Representation in Family Court Hearing

13th August 2019

If a Family Law matter goes to Court for a hearing, all those directly involved with the matter can have legal representation on the day. With Co-op Legal Services, you will be allocated a dedicated Family Law Solicitor who will stay with your case from start to finish and a Co-op Legal Services Solicitor will also accompany you to any Court hearings to provide legal representation.

Call our expert team of Family Solicitors and Divorce Lawyers on 03306069626 or contact us online and we will call you.

When Does a Family Law Matter Go to Court?

Sometimes in a Family Law matter, a Court hearing is required in order to resolve the issue. This may be the case with some Children Matters, Financial Matters and Injunctions.

There are a few reasons why a Family Law matter may need to go to Court. If certain arrangements regarding the matter can't be agreed on by all those involved, then it's likely that a Court hearing will be required. This could be the case if child contact arrangements cannot be agreed upon, for example, or if a divorcing couple cannot agree on how the matrimonial finances should be divided.

Instances where a Court hearing will always be needed include those where a Court Order is required. There are a wide range of Court Orders relating to Family Law, covering a scope of different matters. These include:

What Happens at a Hearing in Family Court?

Exactly what will happen at your Court hearing will depend on the purpose of the hearing and the specific circumstances surrounding your case. However, there is a general format that will be followed for different types of Family Court hearings.

For more information on different hearing types, see our following articles:

Legal Representation at a Family Court Hearing

If you instruct Co-op Legal Services to assist you with your Family Law matter you will be allocated a dedicated Family Law Solicitor, who will stay with your case from start to finish. If the matter involves children, finances or an injunction and a Court hearing is required, then a Co-op Family Law Solicitor can accompany you to Court and represent you on the day*.

This means that you'll be represented in Court by a Family Law Solicitor within Co-op Legal Services, who has access to all of the necessary information and background regarding your case. Your Solicitor will also prepare all of the relevant paperwork on your behalf in advance of the hearing date.

We understand that attending a Court hearing can seem daunting, but your Solicitor can talk you through exactly what to expect on the day, and will be right there with you every step of the way.

Call our expert team of Family Solicitors and Divorce Lawyers on 03306069626 or contact us online and we will call you.

*providing the Court hearing is being held within a reasonable distance of our Bristol or Manchester offices. We can cover the following areas:

  • Anywhere between Bristol and London
  • Anywhere between Bristol and Manchester
  • Anywhere between Bristol and Exeter
  • Anywhere between Bristol and Cardiff
  • Anywhere else within a 30 mile radius of Manchester or Bristol

For Court hearings outside of these areas, we will appoint a specialist barrister to accompany you to Court and represent you at the hearing.

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Fast and efficient. Everything was fully explained. I had no need to ask questions. Everything was perfect thank you. J.S., Derbyshire
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