Uncooperative spouse gets served with court papers - divorce case study

03 August 2016

Client Situation

Mrs Y contacted our Divorce Solicitors about starting divorce proceedings. Her husband, Mr Y, was not in agreement with the divorce.

He was not cooperating with Mrs Y and he would not return the required papers to the Court so that their divorce could progress.

How We Helped

One of our Divorce Solicitors talked to Mrs Y about her situation and gave her the advice that if she wanted her divorce to progress, she would need to instruct a process server to serve the Court papers on her husband in person.

Mrs Y asked us to proceed and provided a photo of her husband so that the process server could identify Mr Y to serve him with the Court papers.

The process server successfully served the papers on Mr Y and he returned the signed papers to the Court.

The Outcome

Mrs Y’s divorce remained undefended and she could progress with the divorce proceedings without the need to go to Court. This kept her divorce costs to a minimum as she didn’t have to pay any additional or unnecessary legal costs.

Divorce Case Studies

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