International divorce solicitors

Our international divorce solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with cross-border and international divorce cases.

Our expert team of International divorce solicitors are highly experienced in dealing with cross-border and international divorce cases, particularly for British expats living in Spain, the EU, USA, UAE, Australia, Canada, China, Singapore, South Africa and the Sudan.

A divorce through the English courts may be available to you if you are living outside of the UK but are from England, or if you are living in the UK but originally from a different country.

Multi jurisdiction divorce

Increasingly people move countries and have relationships with non-UK nationals. Our international divorce solicitors work with clients that require international divorce and multi jurisdiction divorce case work.

It is important that you get legal advice as soon as your relationship has come to an end. There are international legal regulations which can effect where the arrangements upon separation are resolved, whether it be in relation to finances or children’s decisions.

The UK has one of the highest divorce rates in the world and any delay in getting legal advice could damage your ability to pursue claims in the UK, or extend your liability if you would have benefitted from the laws of another country’s jurisdiction. If divorce or other legal proceedings are started in the wrong country the whole family may suffer.

Which country should I apply for my divorce in?

When married couples live abroad separate and decide to get a divorce, there can be some confusion as to which country to begin the divorce proceedings in. Different countries have different divorce laws, so choosing the best jurisdiction for your divorce is a very important decision that our international divorce solicitors can help you with.

Using the English legal system is often much quicker, cheaper and more effective than attempting to use the local jurisdiction in another country, and in many international divorce cases British expatriates are prevented from applying for divorce in the country to which they have moved.

As a family law practice, Co-op Legal Services recognises that modern life increasingly involves an international element.

Within family and divorce law proceedings, this can mean one person residing abroad, having property, business or other assets abroad, or one person wanting to relocate (with or without children) abroad.

For the purposes of family law jurisdiction, anything outside of England and Wales is classed as cross-border and is subject to different laws.

Scottish divorce

The law in England and Wales is different to the law in Scotland. If you and / or spouse consider yourself to be Scottish citizens, you both normally live in Scotland, lived in Scotland during the marriage or have a stronger connection with Scotland than England or Wales; you should get legal advice from a solicitor qualified in Scotland.

If one of you is Scottish and the other is from overseas however you may still be able to divorce in England. Contact us for initial legal advice to discuss your particular circumstances.

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