How Much Does a Clean Break Order Cost?

19 October 2016

A Decree Absolute legally ends a marriage in England and Wales but it does not end the couple’s financial commitments. To end a married couple’s financial commitments a Divorce Financial Order is required, in most cases this would be a Consent Order or a Clean Break Order.

When a Clean Break Order has been issued by the Court neither person can make a financial claim against the other in the future.

How Much Does a Clean Break Order Cost?

Our Family and Divorce Solicitors can provide a Clean Break Order for a fixed fee if your financial situation is not complex, for example:

  • You and your ex do not have any joint assets
  • You and your ex have already divided the assets
  • You do not have any business assets
  • You do not wish to share any pensions between you
  • You and your ex have agreed that each of you will retain what they have without any maintenance or lump sums being paid to the other.

If your divorce financial situation is more complicated, for example:

  • You and your ex have property in joint names
  • You and your ex have shares or investments to be considered
  • You have agreed that there should be an ongoing maintenance payment
  • You have business assets to be divided between you
  • You want to share in your spouses’ pension

We can draft Divorce Financial Orders for a fixed fee depending on your circumstances. These Financial Orders can include a Clean Break Order or a Consent Order. For more information see Clean Break Orders and Consent Orders explained.

Please note there is also a Court Fee to be paid to the Court.

A Clean Break Order will ensure that all financial ties are severed and neither person will be able to make a financial claim over the other in the future. This also applies if one person were to pass away, with a Clean Break Order it is not possible to make any claim against their Estate.

The financial cost of not obtaining a Clean Break Order can be significant. Assets and income that you have acquired after the relationship ended could be subject to a claim by your ex-spouse or partner. Our Family and Divorce Solicitors can advise you on the best way to protect you and your family’s wealth.

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