Whiplash injury claims

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We offer a free claim assessment service to help you understand if there is a reasonable chance of successfully pursuing your whiplash claim.

Whiplash is an injury caused by hyperextension of the neck, which happens when a sudden impact throws your head forwards, before it rapidly 'whips' backwards. This movement can damage the soft tissue around your neck, resulting in pain and poor mobility. Whiplash injuries are commonly caused by road traffic accidents, often when one vehicle collides with the back of another

We offer a free claim assessment service to help you understand if there is a reasonable chance of successfully pursuing your whiplash claim. Just provide us with the details about the accident and we will assess your whiplash claim free of charge.

Most whiplash injury claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee compensation basis.

Co-op Solicitors deal with thousands of road accident claims resulting in whiplash every year and our Personal Injury Lawyers secure millions of pounds in compensation payouts for our whiplash claimants.

Can I claim compensation for my whiplash injury?

You can claim compensation settlement for a whiplash injury if it was caused by an accident that was someone else’s fault.

The majority of whiplash injuries are caused in road accidents and you can claim whiplash compensation whether you were injured as the driver or passenger in a vehicle, or riding a motor bike, scooter or a bicycle.

We will be able to tell you if we can offer you a No Win No Fee agreement after the details of your accident have been reviewed by a whiplash claims solicitor. To have your claim reviewed free of charge just call us with the whiplash accident details such as when, where and how the accident happened. Please don’t worry if you don’t have all the details when you call because we will help you through every step of the whiplash claims process.

How much whiplash compensation will I get?

The amount of your whiplash compensation settlement payout will will depend on several things such as how severe your whiplash injuries are, how much rehabilitation support you need, how long it takes you to recover and how long you are out of work.

In addition to claiming whiplash compensation for pain, suffering and any loss of amenity, claims can include damages for the costs to repair your vehicle, lost earnings, missed pension payments, out of pocket expenses plus the medical and rehabilitation costs.

Rehabilitation, recovery and compensation for your whiplash injury

When we take on your whiplash claim we will immediately take steps to enable your medical condition to be assessed by a medical expert.

At the same time a road accidents claims specialist will fully investigate the whiplash incident. We then assemble the evidence and review previous whiplash compensation pay-outs to calculate the amount of whiplash compensation you should receive, plus any damages.

The next stage is negotiating with the other side to secure a fair compensation settlement for you as soon as possible. If it becomes necessary our Litigation Lawyers we will take legal action but the majority of our whiplash claims are settled before going to Court is necessary.

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As part of a large ethical organisation, Co-op Legal Services can ensure that you are fully supported throughout your claim, whatever your injury or your circumstances.

How long does a whiplash claim take?

It's hard to say exactly how long a whiplash claim will take because every case is different. Generally it will depend on whether or not the other side admits fault, and how severe your injuries are.

Like other types of personal injury claims, whiplash claims must be made within three years of the accident. This means that you shouldn't wait too long before speaking to a Personal Injury Solicitor.

If your whiplash injury is relatively minor and the other side admits fault, your claim could be settled within a matter of months.

The amount of time it takes to settle a whiplash claim will depend on circumstances such as:

Whether the other side admits fault – if the person/organisation responsible for causing your whiplash admits liability, your claim is likely to settle faster than if liability is denied. How severe your injuries are – it's important not to settle your claim until the full extent of your injuries are known, or you might not receive the correct amount of compensation. So if your injuries are severe, it will be necessary to wait until a medical expert has confirmed your prognosis. If the driver at fault cannot be traced – if you're the victim of a hit and run, the process may take longer while the police attempt to locate the individual. It's often possible to reach a faster resolution in whiplash claims because they are usually taken through the Claims Portal. This is a tool that helps to streamline personal injury claims with a value of between £1,000 and £25,000.

Even if there are issues that slow down the progress of your claim, most whiplash claims will be settled in under 9 months. However, this is only a guideline and some whiplash claims can take longer.