Main Beneficiary Dies during Probate – Case Study

07 June 2017

Case Study: Main Beneficiary Died during Probate

Client Situation

We were contacted by Sky whose father, Mervyn, had recently died. He had left a complex Will so Sky knew she would be unable to administer the Estate herself.

We arranged for one of our Probate Consultants to meet Sky and her husband, Brian, at their home to explain the Probate process, and the benefits of using our Probate Complete Service. During the meeting Sky was provided with a fixed fee quote and she instructed Co-op Legal Services to act on behalf of her father’s Estate.

Mervyn’s Will contained a Discretionary Nil Rate Band Trust of which Sky’s mother, Celia, was the main beneficiary. Sadly while we were going through the Probate process, Celia also passed away.

How We Helped

The same Probate Consultant returned to see Brian and Sky to discuss how Celia’s death affected the administration of Mervyn’s Estate. Sky told us she had no hesitation in instructing Co-op Legal Services once again, this time to act on behalf of her mother’s Estate.

There were time constraints as Mervyn and Celia’s property had been sold subject to contract. There were also a lot of complexities to work through due to the Trust elements contained in both the Wills.

Despite this, we calculated the value of the Estate and submitted a further application to the Probate Registry.

Once we had received both Grants of Probate we started to administer both Estates. This involved closing down bank accounts, selling the property and distributing the Estates in accordance with the Trust.

The Outcome

We concluded the administration of both Estates, which took around one year to complete.

Sky told us, “During the worst time of our lives, when we were both so stressed we were physically unwell, Co-op Legal Services helped us get our lives back. The process was very smooth, transparent and clear, which is exactly what we needed because we were so at sea. We had no idea what we needed to do, but our case handler Chontelle told us exactly what was happening.”

“Now it’s all over we feel so much better. I would recommend Co-op Legal Services to anyone going through Probate. They make it do-able by making the process understandable. Everyone we dealt with took us seriously. They were so caring and personable, but at the same time professional and efficient.”

Co-op Legal Services is the largest provider of Probate and Estate administration services in England and Wales, and is trusted to deal with over £1.3 billion in Estates annually.

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