UK Pet Owners Provide for Pets in Wills

11 December 2014

Almost a third (30%) of UK animal lovers have made provision for a pet in their Will, according to new research published today by Co-op Legal Services.

The poll reveals that almost half (45%) of pet owners would appoint a guardian for their four-legged friend in the case of their death, while one in five (19%) would ask a charity to step in.

Research also highlighted that women were more likely to make arrangements for their pets with over half (51%) appointing a guardian for their canine and feline creatures in comparison to almost two fifths (39%) of men.

James Antoniou, Head of Wills at Co-op Legal Services said, “It is not surprising that as a nation of animal lovers so many people make provision for their pets in their Will.

"Making a Will offers certainty and peace of mind. It ensures that a person’s possessions and estate are distributed exactly the way they wishes. We ask all of our customers who use our Will writing service if this is something they would like to consider.”

Almost one fifth (17%) stated they would leave money with a benefactor to look after a furry companion and of those, almost a third (27%) would provide up to £900 and 1% would leave over £100,000 to ensure their loved one was well looked-after. The research also highlights that almost one fifth (20%) of UK adults have been left a pet or asked in advance to look after an animal.

Andrew Nevitt, Product Manager for Co-op Pet Insurance said: "We're encouraged to see that as many as a third of owners are taking a responsible to pet ownership by ensuring their pet is accounted for in their Will.

Taking on a pet is a huge commitment that shouldn't be entered into lightly. There are already thousands of animals waiting in rescue centres across the UK, so ensuring that there is someone who is willing and able to care for them in your absence is the fairest possible thing."

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