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What is Probate? Fixed Fee Probate Service Explained

Co-op Probate staff members discuss what Probate is, how it works, and explain some of the benefits of our using our fixed fee Probate service.

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Jeremy Bourke, Probate Case Handler: “Probate is essentially the legal authority to deal with the assets for someone who’s passed away. So what that means particularly is being able to deal with their property, with bank accounts, shares, essentially all of the assets and liabilities. We offer fixed fee Probate and Estate administration in the vast majority of cases.

Within the fee we look after the valuation of the Estate. We deal with the Inheritance Tax office in particular, who’s often very relevant in Probate cases. We also make sure that the Estate is administered in accordance with the Will or in accordance with the Rules of Intestacy.”

Jessica Llewellyn, Probate Team Leader: "One of our consultants will attend on a client at their home, take them through the Probate process, look at the paperwork that they’ve got, answer any queries that they can help with and then once they’ve done all of that, they can provide that tailored fixed fee quotation for that specific Estate. Then the Estate paperwork is passed to a case handler who will deal with you and support you for the whole of the Estate administration.

During the Estate administration process your case handler is always on the other end of the phone, as will their assistant, and you can get hold of them any time you have any issues or queries and it has no impact on our fixed fee quotation.

It’s not usual practice for perhaps the high street solicitor to provide a fixed fee quotation. That’s why we are quite unique in giving customers that peace of mind. So with regards to the fixed fee, you personally won’t need to settle our fees. It comes out of the Estate and once the Estate administration has completed, we will take that fee and then send the funds out to you to distribute.

From a client’s point of view, having an agreed fixed fee from the outset, they know exactly where they stand, they don’t have to worry about increasing legal fees and it takes that stress element away from them from what is an already quite an emotional time."

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