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Employment Solicitor Increased Settlement Agreement Offer by 50% - Case Study

Case Studies, 11 October 2016
Area of Law: Media Centre

The Settlement Agreement was signed 3 weeks after Mr M contacted us. He received almost 50% more than the employer had been willing to pay.

Settlement Agreement after Flexible Working Request Refused

Case Studies, 02 December 2016
Area of Law: Media Centre

After our client had made a request for flexible working her employer approached her with a Settlement Agreement offer which required some amendments.

£250,000 Employment Settlement Agreement Reached in 2 Weeks

Case Studies, 10 November 2016, Author: Rachel Newman
Area of Law: Media Centre

Two weeks after receiving instructions to represent our client, the Settlement Agreement was signed securing our client just under £250,000

Settlement Agreement Reached after Without Prejudice Conversations

Case Studies, 21 October 2016, Author: Rachel Newman
Area of Law: Media Centre

Our client was successful in achieving a Settlement Agreement payment of £6,000 tax free, plus his notice pay and an agreed positive reference.

Settlement Agreement Solicitor Gets Offer Increased by 25%

Case Studies, 06 June 2016
Area of Law: Media Centre

When our clients' employer got a letter from our Employment Solicitors they increased the amount of their initial settlement offer by 25%.