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Pip Kimberlin

Associate Probate Case Manager, Manchester

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Pip is a Probate Case Manager who works with Wills, Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Trusts and all aspects of Estate Administration. Pip is based in Manchester but has clients based across the UK.

Pip’s extensive experience in Estate Administration provides her with competency in all aspects of the Probate process but she has developed particular expertise in client care. She also enjoys supporting trainee Probate Case Managers.

Pip has always enjoyed working in the legal services sector and ultimately made the decision to specialise in Probate. Pip is particularly adept when it comes to simplifying the process for the client, whilst building a relationship with them at, what can be, a very difficult time. By using a calm, measured approach with an application of experienced empathy Pip constantly delivers an excellent service to her clients.

Client Testimonials

“Finding Pip Kimberlin was the light I needed. With many years’ experience, she knows her way and knows exactly what has to be done to enact the Will and ensure all the beneficiaries receive their dues. For me as Executor, I had found the right person in the right place at the right time. Pip came to my aid, became Account Manager and is making my friend’s wishes come true.

Pip is a human being, approachable, understanding, experienced and fair. She has all the dependable qualities one would seek in a trustworthy friend, and it is a pleasure to recommend her to you.

Every office deserves a Pip Kimberlin.” E.M., Devon

Probate Case Studies

  • Pip guided a family through the process following the loss of a family member in a terrorist attack
  • Pip dealt with a number of high value cases where the Beneficiaries include a mix of charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries giving rise to complex Inheritance Tax calculations
  • A case memorable to Pip was a young person who had committed suicide, she guided the Personal Representative through a very difficult time.

Career History

Before joining Co-op Legal Services in 2016 Pip had amassed many years of experience in Estate Administration. Throughout her career she has collected a number of qualifications and passed the Wills and Estate segment of the STEP qualification.

When Not Working

Pip has two boys who take part in various sports and to whom she spends the majority of her time playing taxi service. For herself, Pip enjoys walking and enjoying the local countryside.

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