Kirsten Boardman

Probate Solicitor, Manchester

Kirsten Boardman is a Probate Solicitor at Co-op Legal Services based in Manchester city centre.

Kirsten specialises in complex Probate and Estate Administration cases including high value Estates, Estates with overseas financial assets and complex intestacies (when there is no valid Will).

Kirsten chose to specialise in Probate and Estate Administration because of the opportunity to help families at a difficult and demanding time of their lives. Suffering a bereavement is challenging in itself and often clients remark that the world doesn’t stop, so they have to try and keep going as best they can. This is where Kirsten and her team of Probate Lawyers and assistants can step in to deal with the legal, tax, property and Estate Administration matters.

Estate Administration is a time-consuming and complex task, for which the Executor or Personal Representative of the Estate can be personally liable. Kirsten finds being able to help ease the load in these instances hugely rewarding.

Kirsten’s clients often comment that they feel the Probate process has been “hands off” from their perspective and they have appreciated handing over administration of the Estate to regulated Lawyers and being kept informed of progress with regular updates.

Aside from helping people when they need it most, Kirsten finds the technical challenge of Estate Administration stimulating and challenging.

Kirsten also takes pride in leading her team of Probate Lawyers and assistants, ensuring that they maintain excellent levels of customer service, and that their cases progress as efficiently as possible. Kirsten works with her team members individually to ensure personal growth and continued development.

Case studies

Kirsten regularly deals with Probate for Estates where the deceased left no Will and had no close family members. In these cases she works alongside genealogists to verify the extent of the family tree and locate those properly entitled to the Estate.

One example is when Kirsten was instructed to represent the Estate of a man who had died without a Will. The family was large and the Estate was set to be split between a number of aunts, uncles and cousins. Kirsten identified and located a son of the deceased who had not seen his father since he was a child. The law in England & Wales dictates that a child takes priority to aunts, uncles and cousins and therefore the correct person received inheritance from the Estate.

Kirsten also deals with Estates where the original Will has been missing. A specific example is an Estate where the original firm of Solicitors who drafted the Will merged with another law firm and the original Will, which was in their possession, was lost in transit.

The deceased’s wife would have taken the whole Estate under the Will, but without a Will her entitlement would have been limited. Kirsten worked with the family to make an application to the Court to have the copy of the original Will proved and the Estate was distributed in line with the deceased man’s wishes.

Professional memberships

Affiliate Member of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP).

Career history

Kirsten studied Law at the University of Manchester, graduating in 2006 with a 2:1 LLB. Following graduation Kirsten worked with a regional firm of Solicitors and qualified as a Solicitor in 2010.

Kirsten joined Co-op Legal Services in May 2016, having formerly managed the Wills and Probate team at her previous law firm.

When not working

Kirsten enjoys walking her Schnauzer, reading and city breaks, although most of her time is occupied with her daughter.

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