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Kim Hammond

Probate Solicitor, Manchester

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Kim Hammond is a Probate Solicitor based at Co-op Legal Services in Manchester.

Kim has a wide variety of experience dealing with Personal Representatives, beneficiaries and third party businesses over the telephone, by email and letter.

Kim can breakdown complex issues, work through them swiftly and explain them to customers clearly without the legal jargon. Kim is committed to ensuring that estate administration progresses run quickly and smoothly with Personal Representatives being updated and advised using skills of organisation, communication and time management to make sure this happens.

Career History

Kim graduated from York University in 2006 and went on to The College of Law in York to complete the GDL and LPC, graduating with distinction in 2008.

Kim qualified as a Solicitor in 2013.

When Not Working

Kim enjoys camping, hiking and is sometimes an assistant Scout Leader.

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