Do I need probate?

Co-op Funeralcare customers can find out about probate and get support from Co-op Legal Services.

Probate is the legal process of dealing with someone's home, money and possessions after they have died.

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When is probate needed?

Probate isn't always needed, it depends on what the person owned when they died. If they owned a property in their sole name or had over £20,000 in the bank, it's likely that probate will be needed. If they owned a property jointly with someone else, didn't own a property or had savings of less than £20,000, probate might not be needed.

Get probate support from Co-op Legal Services

If you need support with legal matters after someone has died, such as finding the will or applying for probate, Co-op Legal Services can help.

We can pay all the costs of a Co-op Funeralcare funeral and refund any deposit you have paid if you take out our probate service. These costs will then be recovered from the estate later on.

We'll support you throughout the funeral and probate process - Co-op is the only organisation that provides both funeral services, through Co-op Funeralcare and probate services, through Co-op Legal Services.

There are no upfront costs to pay as our probate and estate administration fees are deferred and will be taken from the estate once it is in funds.

We take full responsibility for completing all the legal, tax and administration work during the estate administration, on your behalf.

Our award winning probate team includes specialist probate solicitors, trained probate case managers, advisors and consultants.

Brian and Sky share their experience using Co-op Legal Services for probate estate administration

We were contacted by Sky whose father, Mervyn, had recently died. He had left a complex will so Sky knew she would be unable to administer the estate herself.

Watch the video or read how we helped Brian and Sky.

Co-op Legal Services is the largest provider of probate and estate administration services in England and Wales, and is trusted to deal with over £1.8 billion in estates annually.