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Co-operative Legal Services Probate – Best Price Guarantee

  1. We guarantee to beat any comparable, “like for like” probate services by £1 as set out in these terms and conditions.
  2. When we say ‘probate services’ we mean the legal and financial processes involved in dealing with the property, money and possessions (called the assets) of a person who has died.
  3. For clients in England and Wales, this offer only applies to probate services bought from Co-op Legal Services and not from any independent co-operative societies.
  4. For clients in Scotland, this offer only applies to probate and executry services bought from Co-op Legal Services in partnership with McClure Solicitors.
  5. This offer is only available in England, Wales and Scotland and does not apply to probate services for any assets (such as property, money and possessions) which are outside of England and Wales (for services provided by Co-op Legal Services), or Scotland (for services provided by McClure Solicitors).    
  6. This offer applies to any request for us to beat the price of another probate services quote received on or after 27th September 2018.  This offer won’t apply retrospectively or to probate services that have already been undertaken before that date.
  7. When we say “like for like” probate services quotation, we mean that quotation must be:
    • a valid written quotation from another provider of probate services for the provision of private services with a breakdown of the products and services included and the combined cost of those products and services;
    • for probate services in England and Wales, or Scotland;
    • for assets in England and Wales, or Scotland;
    • based on a comparable specification of products and services which include obtaining the grant of representation (or Confirmation in Scotland), verifying and valuing the assets and liabilities of the estate, preparing all necessary documentation (including applicable inheritance, income and capital gains tax forms) and distribution of the estate in accordance with the will or rules of intestacy (as applicable);
    • based on comparable services

These are the price guarantee criteria

  1. This offer only applies to comparable probate services at the date you bring the other probate provider’s price to our attention in accordance with and to benefit from these terms and conditions. If any provider subsequently reduces their price, we will not be under any obligation to reduce our price further.
  2. The quotations that you receive will be based on the value and complexity of the estate, the level of responsibility we take, and the work we have to undertake to obtain the grant of representation (or Confirmation) and administer the estate. You must provide accurate information as the quotation is based on the information provided by you. If the work involved is materially more than indicated by the information provided by you at the time of quotation or you require us to do more work which is outside our normal practices, then we reserve the right to provide an alternative quotation as either a fixed fee or hourly rate, and the price guarantee offer won’t apply.
  3. To benefit from the offer, please call us on 03306069584 (for England and Wales) or 0330 041 7718 (for Scotland) or submit an enquiry on our website for probate services in England and Wales or for probate and executry services in Scotland.
  4. Any other probate services provider price obtained from online price comparison websites are not valid as these prices may not be accurate or up to date.
  5. We’ll let you know whether the other probate services provider price meets the price guarantee criteria as soon as we can.  Where we need to check any of the details, we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.
  6. The offer applies to the full cost of our products and services.  If you’re a member of our Co-op we will compare the quotation against your exclusive member price.
  7. If you’re entitled to this offer then no other discounts or offers apply.
  8. If the probate services price being compared don’t meet the price guarantee criteria, you won’t be able to benefit from this offer. If this is the case and you still choose us to provide probate services then you won’t benefit from the offer and you’ll be invoiced for the full amount for products and services.
  9. If the price guarantee criteria are met then we’ll apply the price of the competitor price less £1 in our invoice to you for provision of our probate services.
  10. We reserve the right to withdraw, modify or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time in the event that it is necessary to do so.
  11. The terms and conditions of this offer don’t change the terms and conditions of any products or services which you may buy.
  12. We reserve the right to refuse to honour the best price guarantee at any time if we suspect:
    • any abuse or attempted abuse of the offer including any quotes which in our reasonable opinion are unfeasible;
    • any breach or attempted breach of these terms; or
    • any activity which in our reasonable opinion constitutes misuse or fraudulent activity in connection with the offer.

About Co-op Legal Services

Co-op Legal Services is a trading name of Co-operative Legal Services Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Registered number: 05671209. Registered office: 1 Angel Square, Manchester M60 0AG.

Probate and executry services in Scotland are provided in partnership with McClure Solicitors. McClure Solicitors is a trading name of W W & J McClure Ltd, which is authorised and Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (Reg No 618692) and is authorised and Regulated by the Law Society of Scotland (Reg No 19114).

Best Price Guarantee

Probate Service Best Price Guarantee

If you find the same Probate service at a lower price, we promise to beat it – that’s our best price guarantee, T&Cs apply.

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