Muttahar Halepota

Muttahar Halepota

Personal Injury Lawyer

Muttahar is an Assistant Litigation Executive who specialises in Road Traffic Accident Claims. Cases that Muttahar has worked on include:

  • Claims where liability is disputed
  • Claims where liability is admitted but it is denied that the speed of impact was sufficient to cause an injury
  • Claims suitable for fast track in the Civil Justice Process

Muttahar has represented drivers, passengers and cyclists in recovering compensation, and has represented clients with serious orthopaedic, psychological and sensory injuries.

Amongst his cases where liability is disputed, there have been allegations of a phantom driver, allegations of a slam on, and instances where the Defendant has produced witnesses that have been later exposed as biased.

Muttahar will give Defendant Insurers a chance to settle the claim without going to trial, however, if a decent offer for the client is not forthcoming, he will look to litigate the claim.

Muttahar's recent cases include:

  1. Road Traffic Claim where the Defendant turned a corner and collided with the rear of our client's vehicle, who was stationary at traffic lights. The Defendant alleged that the client had stopped at give way lines and reversed into him. He produced a witness who claimed not to know either party and supported the Defendant's version of events. It then transpired that the witness and Defendant were Facebook friends and Instagram followers. The Defendant Insurers settled the claim for £2150 for the client's 4 month soft tissue injury and his policy excess.

  2. Road Traffic Claim where the client (a 60 year old man) was driving from London to Newcastle, when he reached a crossroad and proceeded ahead. The Defendant, who was at the opposite end of the crossroad, turned right into the client and then drove off. His solicitors later alleged that their client was already established on the major road and that our client had pulled out across his path. They also alleged that the driver of our client's car was a 30 year old man.

    These claims were firmly disputed by our client and proceedings were issued. The Defendant was unable to substantiate his allegations and the photographs from the scene contradicted his version of events, whereas they supported our client's. The trial judge regarded the client as consistent and reliable, whereas the Defendant embellished his version. The judge found fully in favour of our client.

  3. Road Traffic Claim where a client was driving her family home from the airport when another driver crashed into the back of her car. The other driver alleged that the client had slammed on her brakes for no other reason than to induce an accident. Muttahar disproved this and obtained a compensation sum of £4,800 for the client's 14 month soft tissue injury.

  4. Road Traffic Claim where the client was driving on a carriageway between two petrol stations. Another other driver was in the central reservation and cut across our client's path causing an accident. The other driver alleged that the client undertook him as he tried to turn left into a petrol station and they made a counter claim against our client. Muttahar pointed out that this was illogical as the client would have had to mount a grass verge to be able to do this. The other driver settled the client's claim for £2944 and discontinued his claim the day before the trial.

Professional memberships

  • Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn, Bar Council
  • Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX)

Career history

Muttahar completed his law degree at the University of the West of England in 2012 and was awarded a 2:1.

He was called to the Bar at Lincoln's Inn in 2014 with a Very Competent (VC). He was a McKenzie Friend at the Bristol Civil Justice Centre, assisting the court and litigants in person in family, domestic violence, child arrangement and eviction matters.

In 2015, he began working for a solicitor's firm in RTA Personal Injury claims in the MOJ Process, before joining Co-op Legal Services in May 2016. In 2017 he made the transition to the Fast Track team. Muttahar has welcomed the challenges this new role has brought.

When not working

Muttahar is a trainee black belt in Tang Soo Do Karate and a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Outside the dojo, he likes reading, watching films and learning about different languages and cultures. He is able to converse in Spanish and is fascinated by history.