Chris Power

Chris Power

Personal Injury Lawyer, Manchester

Chris Power is a Personal Injury Lawyer and Litigation Executive at Co-op Legal Services in Manchester.

Chris represents clients pursuing claims for personal injury and associated losses (such as loss of earnings), suffered as a result of car accidents and all types of road accidents. This includes compensation claims for drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Chris specialises in claims in which liability is disputed and where the force of a collision is denied to have been sufficient to cause an injury. In such cases, litigation is often required to achieve the best results for the client.

Chris also specialises in road accident claims involving more serious physical and/or psychological injury, resulting in significant compensation. Chris also represents clients pursuing injury claims arising from accidents at work, slips and trips, public liability, occupier’s liability, holiday accidents and illness claims.

Examples of compensation amounts awarded

Chris successfully recovered £65,000 compensation, including future lost earnings, for a 58 year old Street Cleaner who seriously injured his shoulder when knocked off his bicycle in a traffic accident. The gentleman was forced to retire early because he was unable to continue in his occupation as a result of his injuries.

Chris successfully recovered £42,000 compensation in a claim for loss of company revenue for an independent Quantity Surveying company. The Director was injured in a car accident and as a result was unable to work in his full capacity for 8 months. This required the temporary employment of another Director, thus negatively affecting the company revenue. Chris worked closely with a Forensic Accountant to ensure full and detailed documentation supporting a) the loss and b) the plea within proceedings. Chris recovered in excess of 85% of the original sum sought through litigation.

Career history

Chris began working in the legal sector in 2000, joining a large law firm based in Lancashire and vocationally training to become a Litigation Executive. He then moved to a medium sized law firm in central Manchester, where he remained for almost 10 years.

Chris joined Co-op Legal Services in June 2017.

When not working

Chris enjoys live music, football, maintaining and running a vintage scooter and spending time with his young family.