Holiday illness and accident claims

If you or a member of your family were injured or fell ill on holiday due to someone else’s fault we will help you.

Most accidents on holiday and illness compensation claims can be dealt with on a no win no fee basis.

Our free claim assessment service will help you understand whether there is a reasonable chance of successfully claiming compensation. To have your claim assessed free of charge simply call us and provide us with the details.

Every year we succeed in securing millions of pounds in compensation for people injured in accidents across the UK. We also help people injured in accidents on holiday abroad and holidaymakers that become victims of illness due to the negligence or fault of another party, such as a tour operator, a hotel or a holiday resort.

Compensation claims for food poisoning on holiday abroad are a common type of holiday sickness claim.

When you contact us we will want to learn about your holiday accident or illness, and to answer your questions. We will provide you with free initial legal advice, we will assess your claim free of charge and recommend what your next steps should be.

Can I claim compensation?

With Co-op Legal Services you can claim compensation for a holiday accident injury or illness if the injury or sickness occurred as a result of negligence or fault by another person, party or a business; and if the holiday was booked as a pre-arranged package holiday with at least two components such as transport and accommodation.

In many cases holiday accident and illness claims are brought against the tour operator in the UK. The Package Travel Regulations can be used to assist compensation claims against tour operators.

The Package Travel Regulations also apply to business travel arrangements and school trip packages. For holiday water sport injuries, skiing accidents and adventure holiday injuries please see details below.

Can I claim on a no win no fee basis?

We will be able to tell you if we can offer you a No Win No Fee agreement after a travel claims expert has reviewed the details of your claim. Please get all the details together including any paperwork, photos and your holiday contract (if possible) and write down any questions you want to ask.

We will answer your questions and assess your claim free of charge. Please don’t concern yourself if you don’t have all the paperwork when you call us because we will help you.

At Co-op Legal Services we want to ensure that you are properly looked after so we focus on you and your recovery as well as your claim. With a No Win No Fee agreement, if your claim is unsuccessful, there is no financial risk to you as all your legal fees will be covered*.

Water sports, skiing accidents and adventure holiday claims

Claims for personal injury compensation can be brought against tour operators and/or specialist travel companies when acts of negligence or fault result in injuries, providing that the activity was pre-arranged as part of the package holiday.

So for example, if you were injured in a water sports accident on holiday that was caused by faulty equipment, and the water sports activity was pre-arranged as part of the package holiday, you can claim for compensation.

The Package Travel Regulations don’t cover everything that could go wrong on holiday and travel law does get complicated particularly when it comes to different treaties and legal jurisdictions. But we will be happy to answer your questions and tell you whether or not you have a claim.

"Package Travel Regulations" refers to the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

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