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Co-op Legal Services is working with LGBT Foundation

We’ve partnered with LGBT Foundation to provide both a telephone and online will writing service to suit your needs, that is free for people living in England & Wales who want to write a simple will. Please check LGBT Foundation's free will service terms and conditions for eligibility, which can be found here.

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Get started with our online wills service and you'll get a follow up call from one of our dedicated wills specialists to answer any queries and finalise your will.

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Who will be writing my will?

This online Will service is provided throughout by Co-op Legal Services. We act entirely on your behalf and any advice we give is completely independent and must act in your best interests as we are regulated by the Solcitiors Regulation Authority.

Do I have to leave LGBT Foundation a gift to use the service?

Most people using our will writing services through a charity choose to remember them in their will, but there is no obligation to do so. LGBT Foundation hope that you will consider making a gift in your will to them - even a small percentage of your estate can help LGBT Foundation.

Is any will free?

Standard single and mirror wills are free using LGBT Foundation's free will service in partnership with Co-op Legal Services. However, your circumstances might mean you need a different type of will, which could incur a cost. We'll discuss this with you. You do not have to pay anything until you’ve spoken to us and told us your requirements.

It was simple, well organised, no fuss. Made it easy to do something that I had been putting off for ages. G. Houston


  • The free Will offer is available for existing and potential supporters (and their partner in the case of ‘mirror’ Wills) of LGBT Foundation.
  • This offer is provided in conjunction with Co-op Legal Services.
  • The offer is for a simple Will to be prepared. Where a more complex Will is required, Co-op Legal Services will advise you of the cost and seek your confirmation to proceed before you become liable for any costs.
  • The free Will offer is only available to people living permanently in England or Wales and is subject to a suitability assessment by Co-op Legal Services.
  • You do not have to include a gift to LGBT Foundation to use this service.
  • As part of your Will writing services contract with Co-op Legal Services, Co-op Legal Services will need to provide LGBT Foundation with your full name, address, date of birth and whether or not you have included a gift to LGBT Foundation in your Will. The Foundation will use this information to update supporter records and analyse legacy promises alongside future financial planning.