Mirror Wills Case Study - Couple to Retire

03 August 2015

Client Situation

A couple approaching retirement age had decided that it was the right time to plan for the future and make their Wills to ensure their affairs were in order.

They own a property and have a number of bank accounts.

The couple wanted to make sure that when one of them passes away, everything in their estate goes to the surviving spouse. They also have three adult children and 7 grandchildren who they want to benefit from their Wills once they have both passed away.

The couple needed their own separate Will, but the terms of each Will would be reflective of each other. Mirror Wills would enable them to leave their estates to each other in the first instance however, upon the survivor’s death, their estate will pass between the children in equal shares.

The couple also wanted their grandchildren to benefit in some small way so they decided to leave a legacy of £500 to each grandchild when they reached 18 years old. This was only to be paid once both of them had passed away.

As well as setting out their wishes to distribute their estate, the couple decided to appoint each other as Executor of their estates on the first death and their three children on the second death.

They were also able to record their specific funeral wishes in their Mirror Wills so that it was clear what they wanted to happen.

This couple’s circumstances are fairly straightforward and their wishes could easily be dealt with by Co-op Legal Services writing standard Mirror Wills to meet their needs.

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