Probate Completed on Behalf of Elderly Widow

09 August 2017

Client Situation

We were contacted by an elderly lady whose husband had recently died. Due to a lack of mobility and her age she was unable to deal with the Probate and Estate administration herself.

With our Probate Complete Service we take full responsibility for obtaining Grant of Probate and dealing with the Legal, Tax (excl VAT), Property and Estate Administration affairs*.

How We Helped

One of our nationwide team of Probate Consultants met with the client at her home, to explain the process and answer her questions. After providing her with a Fixed Fee Probate quotation in writing, we were instructed to deal with the matter on her behalf.

A Probate Case Manager was appointed to deal with the initial enquiries, after which it became clear that Probate may not be required. However, the client clearly needed support in reviewing and signing all the paperwork.

We explained that it would be possible for us to deal with the assets by completing various Small Estate Declarations, which we would prepare and send to her. The client wasn’t sure about this approach, and we explained that whilst it wasn’t essential, a Grant of Probate can be a very useful document to have, should any additional assets come to light in the future.

We therefore offered an alternative option, which was for the client to appoint Co-op Legal Services as the Executors and to extract the Grant of Probate. This also meant she would only have to sign one form, instead of several.

The client was much happier with this course of action and instructed us to act. As Executors we were then responsible for collecting in the assets in the Estate. We explained that this way all matters could be finalised and one payment made to the client. Our service also included providing a full account of all the assets and liabilities which the client would retain for future use.

The Outcome

We obtained a Grant of Probate and finalised all the matters in our client’s late husband’s Estate.

The client took great confidence that we had explained the different options available, and whilst our Probate Complete Service was available, this was not the only choice.

She also felt assured that Co-op Legal Services were not forcing her into doing something that she was not comfortable with, and was grateful for the full explanations and different services offered.

*We can also pay all the costs of a Co-op Funeralcare funeral, providing the Estate owns sufficient assets which can be sold in due course to repay our costs.

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