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Assets Transferred to Wife Probate Case Study

15th August 2017

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Client Situation

Our Probate Solicitors were instructed to administer the Estate of the late Mr U. We were contacted by his widow, Mrs U, who wanted our help in obtaining the Grant of Probate and administering the Estate. The Estate consisted of a house and various bank and share accounts, which needed to be transferred into Mrs U’s sole name.

How We Helped

The Will was held in safe storage at the Probate Registry. Our Probate team helped Mrs U to get the original Will, which confirmed she was the sole beneficiary of the Estate.

We then valued all the Estate assets and confirmed there was no Inheritance Tax to pay. We completed the necessary paperwork and applied to the Probate Registry for a Grant of Probate. Just 8 weeks after being instructed by Mrs U, we had received the Grant of Probate for the Estate.

Once we had the Grant of Probate we were able to transfer the assets into Mrs U’s name. Before we did this, we placed Statutory Notices in the London Gazette and local papers. This is basically an advertisement, announcing the Personal Representative’s intention to distribute the Estate.

Statutory Notices are an important step when administering an Estate, as it gives any potential creditors or anyone else who has an ‘interest’ in the Estate a chance to come forward. The notices should be left in place for at least 60 days before the Estate can be distributed.

When the Statutory Notices had expired, we made arrangements to transfer the assets to Mrs U’s sole name.

The Outcome

The Estate was administered in 6 months. Mrs U was pleased with the service we provided, and has since used the services of Co-op Estate Planning to ensure her own affairs are in order.

For free initial advice and guidance call our Probate Advisors on 03306069584 or contact us online and we will call you.

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