Client awarded £30,000 after he was knocked off his motorbike

13 May 2021

The client was knocked off his motorbike when a van pulled out on him. He fractured his foot and ankle, which he was unable to fully recover from.

Client situation

Mr W was knocked off his motorcycle when a van pulled across his path on the main road.

He sustained a fracture to his foot and ankle and he also suffered from psychological injuries in the form of an adjustment disorder. He was unable to work for 2 weeks after the accident and he then returned to work on crutches, which he needed to use for a few months.

Mr W needed help at home from his partner and family and it was many months before he was able to start riding his motorcycle again.

Mr W continued to experience pain and discomfort in his ankle and despite reviews by the treating surgical team they couldn’t identify the cause of the problem. He underwent physiotherapy but continued to take painkillers daily for the persisting pain. His foot was often swollen, and he needed to buy new footwear.

Mr W was able to go back to doing most of the activities he used to do before the accident, but he continued needing painkillers and it was anticipated that he may need surgery on his ankle in the future.

How we helped

Mr W instructed Co-op Legal Services to assist him in his case, having previously been unhappy with another firm of solicitors he had used.

The dispute with the driver of the van became more complicated as it turned out that the van driver was not covered on the vehicle’s insurance, which had been hired.

The insurers eventually agreed to settle Mr W’s claim, as it was agreed that he was entirely innocent of any blame and had suffered an injury which had a prolonged impact on him.

Mr W had made an incomplete recovery and his foot and ankle continued to be painful.

The previous solicitors had arranged for Mr W to be seen by an orthopaedic consultant, but his opinion had been incomplete. We made arrangements for Mr W to see a specialist foot/ankle surgeon who recommended further scans. Those scans revealed that the accident had not caused serious underlying problems but nevertheless Mr W may require further surgery in later life.

Mr W was then advised in person by a barrister, who advised him fully on the possible outcomes and provided guidance on how a court would value his claim.

The outcome

The costs of any future surgery to be undertaken privately were included as part of Mr W’s claim, as was the cost of new footwear.

After Mr W had been advised by the barrister, we negotiated with the insurers on his behalf and secured a compensation payment in excess of £30,000. This included the future treatment costs that were anticipated.

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