Road Accident Claim Awarded £40,000 Compensation

10 May 2018

Client Situation

Ms O was injured in a car accident when a driver pulled out from a side road in front of her car on a busy A road. Ms O could not have avoided the collision and the impact caused the airbags in her car to deploy.

Ms O suffered injuries to her neck, back and shoulder and she also suffered an injury to her right wrist. She is right handed and worked in a medical laboratory.

She was taken to hospital by ambulance and she was diagnosed with a fracture of the wrist that required surgery with a metal plate being inserted. She was kept in hospital for a few days after the surgery but was discharged with her right wrist in a cast and her arm in a sling.

She needed help from friends and family when she returned home and she was not able to return to work for around 3 months. When she returned to work she found that she was unable to carry out many of the activities required of her role and had to undertake light duties only.

She took the decision to leave the job and take up a research position as she was unsure when she would be able to return to her pre accident level of work. She felt that the injury to her wrist prevented her from being able to secure a promotion at the lab as she had previously intended.

How We Helped

Ms O instructed Co-op Legal Services and the case was assigned to Senior Personal Injury Solicitor, Jason Harries.

Jason and his road accidents team took full details of our client’s injuries and the effect on her planned career and her family. We arranged an examination with a specialist in arm/wrist injuries and a report was prepared that provided a full assessment of the injury and the long term implications.

Ms O would be left with a permanent surgical scar to her arm. Fortunately she was able to continue working in her chosen field as a research scientist but she had some permanent restrictions affecting her ability to carry out heavy physical activity.

The Outcome

After around 18 months from the date of the car accident we were able to submit all of the necessary evidence to our client with our advice and recommendations for a compensation settlement. This included an award to represent the fact that her choice of employment might be restricted in the future.

We subsequently negotiated a final compensation settlement in the amount of £40,000 which allowed Ms O to take an extended period of time away from work for maternity leave after she decided to start a family.

It is part of the Co-op’s ethos and values to provide help and support in enforcing legal rights so as to prevent injustice. At Co-op Legal Services we will always strive to secure the best possible compensation and rehabilitation for our clients. Most car accident claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

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