Psychological Injury Claim Case Study

10 April 2018

Client Situation

Ms H was driving one evening, with her partner seated in the passenger seat, when another vehicle veered into their lane suddenly, striking their car head on.

Ms H’s vehicle was written off, however the other driver drove off without stopping and was only subsequently traced by the police. Liability for the accident was established in due course, finding the driver of the other vehicle to be at fault. This then left the matter of valuing Ms H’s personal injuries and the cost of consequential damages.

How We Helped

Ms H presented with severe tinnitus or ringing in her ears. Following examination by our expert we obtained funding for Ms H to acquire various masking aids. These meant that her sleep was much improved, and she learnt to manage the tinnitus such that she was able to return to work and function relatively normally.

She also suffered orthopaedic injuries which caused the acceleration of various underlying problems, but her most significant injury was a psychological injury.

She was unable to drive during rush hour and could not cope with longer distance car travel for many years after the accident. As a result of this, her opportunities in life were significantly curtailed and she suffered a loss of earnings as she was unable to take up the type of work that she had been doing before the car accident.

The Outcome

Through Ms H’s claim, we were able to fund various forms of therapy for her. This included Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, which has been proven as an effective treatment for trauma, as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). We also obtained multiple MRI scans and these combined investigations enabled definitive prognoses to be reached with regard to the effect of Ms H’s orthopaedic injuries and psychological symptoms.

Once we had obtained expert opinion for the range of injury-related symptoms that Ms H had experienced, a compensation settlement was reached in the amount of £55,000.

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