Motorbike Accident Claim Settled on Behalf of Bikers Family

24 May 2018

By Senior Personal Injury Solicitor Jason Harris

Client Situation

Our Personal Injury Solicitors were contacted on behalf of the family of a motorcyclist, who had been tragically killed in a motorbike accident.

The motorcyclist had been out for a Sunday afternoon ride, when a car driver pulled out of a side road directly in front of him. The biker tried to take evasive action but lost control of his bike because of the car emerging in front of him. He hit the car and suffered fatal injuries.

The motorcyclist was survived by a teenage daughter who lived with her mother, his ex-wife. He was also survived by his elderly parents. Naturally, the family were devastated by his death and we were instructed to pursue an accident claim on the family’s behalf.

How We Helped

Senior Personal Injury Solicitor, Jason Harries, who is a motorcyclist himself, met with the family in person. 

Liability was disputed, with the car driver seeking to suggest that the motorcyclist was travelling too quickly, a common allegation against bikers. They also suggested that the visor that the motorcyclist was using was too heavily tinted and was illegal.

Jason then obtained the advice of a Barrister regarding the motorbike accident claim to be presented on behalf of the biker’s family.

A specialist accident reconstruction expert was commissioned, who confirmed that the motorcyclist was not travelling above the speed limit. The report blamed the car driver for failing to observe the biker as the car was pulling out of the junction. The accident reconstruction report also contradicted the suggestion that the helmet visor was not road legal.

The Outcome

Financial calculations were prepared by Jason and his team of Personal Injury Solicitors who specialise in motorbike accidents. These showed that the biker’s parents had lost out on the services they would have expected to receive in the old age from their only son. 

The calculations also showed that the biker’s daughter had lost the expected contributions that any father would have made as she went through school/university and early adulthood, including a contribution towards her wedding. The biker’s ex-wife had also lost income she would have received from her daughter’s father to support their daughter through her teenage years.

Negotiations took place and, following an exchange of offers, the case was settled and approval was obtained from the Court. The family of the biker were awarded compensation in the amount of £115,000.

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