Fall Accident Awarded £6,200 Personal Injury Compensation

30 August 2018

Client Situation

Mr A was attending his local social club for a weekly auction event. After the auction, he left by using the steps at the front of the building.

There was a light at the front of the building which illuminated the steps. However, the light was not working so the area was very dark at the time. Because of the poor visibility, Mr A misplaced his footing and fell down the steps.

Mr A was informed by the landlord of the club that the light bulb had blown a few weeks previously, and that he wasn't the first person to fall.

How We Helped

Mr A had used Co-op Legal Services previously and had been impressed with the service he had received, so he decided to instruct our Personal Injury Solicitors to act on his behalf during this claim.

Our Solicitors submitted a Claim Notification Form to the insurers of the social club, who admitted liability for Mr A's accident. We arranged a medical appointment with a GP, who assessed Mr A's injuries and recommended that he be examined by an orthopaedic surgeon, which we arranged on Mr A's behalf.

Mr A suffered bruising and grazing to the knees, hands and elbows and he had also suffered a hyper-extension injury to his left thumb. These injuries took 6 weeks to recover following the accident. In addition, Mr A had been suffering from chronic back pain for 10 years prior to the accident. The fall exacerbated the symptoms in his lower back and caused his back to be more painful than it had been before the fall. The orthopaedic surgeon advised that if it hadn't been for the accident, Mr A's symptoms of back pain would not have deteriorated for another 2 years.

The Outcome

Our Personal Injury Solicitors advised Mr A to make an initial offer to the social club for the sum of £6,950. The social club's insurance provider responded to this with an offer of £5,000. We advised Mr A to reject this offer and go back with a further offer of £6,200. The social club's insurers accepted this offer and settled the claim.

At Co-op Legal Services most claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

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