Cycling Accident Claim Settled for Over £50,000 Compensation

15 March 2018

By Personal Injury Solicitor Jason Harries

Client Situation

Mr M was knocked off his bicycle when a car driver pulled out from a side road without paying due care and attention. Mr M went over the handlebars and landed heavily on his back. He was wearing a backpack containing books and unfortunately, as a result, he suffered fractures to his spine.

Mr M was very lucky that he did not suffer any injury to his spinal cord but he remained in hospital on complete bed rest for a period of around 11 weeks. He was discharged home wearing a back brace and had restricted mobility.

For a further month or so Mr M was unable to return to his work as a church minister and he relied heavily on his wife to provide him with assistance around the home and additional help with caring for their 3 children.

Mr M returned to work around 5 months after the road traffic accident. However, during the initial few months after returning to work, he was more limited in the activities that he was able to carry out.

Mr M was very motivated to making a full recovery as soon as possible, and he was able to return to most of his hobbies within 6 months of the accident. He was able to take up running again after 9 months, at which point was also able to return to supervising his performing arts charity.

Despite being able to return to work and his hobbies, Mr M was left with aching in his back after a long day. He had also been left with a slight curvature of his spine, and there was a possibility that he would need further treatment from an Osteopath in the future.

How We Helped

Senior Personal Injury Solicitor Jason Harries, spoke with Mr M and his wife whilst he was being treated in hospital. Jason arranged for Mr M to have an assessment with a Case Manager when he was discharged, whose aim was to ascertain what further assistance Mr M would require with regards to his rehabilitation.

The driver’s insurers initially disputed full responsibility for the accident and we arranged to obtain the Police report and evidence from witnesses. We also interviewed the investigating Police officer to verify that Mr M had been cycling correctly when he was struck by the car driver.

The car driver’s insurers eventually accepted that their policyholder was to blame and made what appeared to be a generous offer to settle Mr M’s claim, at £50,000.

Fortunately Mr M made a good recovery from what could have been very serious, and possibly life changing injuries. Nevertheless, we arranged for Mr M to be assessed by a spinal surgeon to advise on what the likely future consequences of the accident might be. The spinal surgeon recommended the Mr M should receive ongoing treatment in the future.

Mr M was then provided with face to face advice by a Barrister. Mr M was advised fully as to the possible outcomes of his claim and was provided with guidance on how a Court would value his claim.

The Outcome

Following that advice, Jason negotiated with the car driver’s insurers and secured a compensation payment of nearly £60,000 for Mr M. This included future treatment costs, repayment of his employers lost earnings, the rehabilitation costs and the costs of care provided by Mrs M.

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