Work Accident Claim Settled for £19,545 Compensation

28 September 2017

By Personal Injury Lawyer Tom Lavin

Client Situation

Mrs Patricia Fay of Romsey, Hampshire, a lady in her 70’s, was employed by a poultry farm on weekends to collect 30,000 eggs a day laid by 5,000 hens which were kept indoors in a shed. The environment she worked in was noisy with both hens and cockerels living in close proximity to ensure continued egg production. The birds were not confined to cages but were allowed to move about the shed.

On the day of the accident, Mrs Fay was sweeping the floor of the shed when a hen flew into her causing her to lose her balance and fall, landing on a heavy metal grid, causing knee and back injuries. As a result of her injuries, Mrs Fay was unable to return to work and her employment was terminated.

How We Helped

After contacting our Personal Injury Lawyers for free legal advice, Mrs Fay instructed Co-op Legal Services to deal with her work accident claim to recover compensation for her injuries, and for loss of earnings.

A claim was submitted on the basis that her employer was negligent in that it:

  • Had failed to provide a safe place of work and a safe system of work
  • Had failed to ensure that the hens were adequately housed to prevent them from flying into their employees
  • Was in breach of the Workplace Regulations in that the metal grid positioned on the floor was dangerous and likely to cause slip and trip accidents.

The Outcome

Mrs Fay’s employer admitted liability for the accident and settlement negotiations took place. Mrs Fay accepted a compensation settlement of £19,545 which included over £5,000 for loss of earnings.

On being advised of the settlement Mrs Fay said, “I am totally satisfied with the outcome and I cannot fault the advice I have been given. I wish I had put the matter into the hands of Co-op earlier because I was struggling with the stress of trying to deal with the case myself. Since asking Co-op Legal Services to deal with the claim the matter has proceeded very quickly to my total satisfaction”.

Health and Safety in the workplace is an important issue. At Co-op Legal Services we hope that cases such as Mrs Fay’s will result in employers being made aware of their duties to their workforce, regarding health and safety and introducing improvements to working conditions.

For more information see our Guide to Avoiding Slip and Fall Accidents at Work.

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