Reduced Personal Injury Success Fee Saves Client £5,000

18 August 2017

By Senior Personal Injury Solicitor Jason Harries

Since 2013, at Co-op Legal Services, it has been the policy of our Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Solicitors to deduct no more than a 20% success fee from our client’s personal injury compensation. The standard personal injury success fee in the UK legal sector is to deduct 25% of the compensation.

In the case study below, our client was awarded £115,000 compensation for personal injuries and financial losses suffered as a result of a car accident that was not her fault. Due to our reduced success fee, our client saved over £5,000 by choosing Co-op Legal Services to represent her.

Client Situation

Ms H of Dorset, was 56 years old when she was involved in a very serious car accident. She was taking her grandchildren on a day trip to the zoo when her car was involved in a head on collision, which was not her fault. The approaching driver lost control of their sports car following a series of overtaking manoeuvres and collided with Ms H’s car.

Ms H was trapped in the car and suffered multiple fractures to her left leg and ankle, and to her wrist and collarbone. She was kept in hospital for almost 8 weeks and underwent surgery to repair the fractures. Her grandchildren were also injured, but thankfully have made good recoveries.

Because Ms H did not have Legal Expenses Insurance with her car insurance policy, she would need to contribute towards the cost of pursuing any claim for compensation. Standard success fees amongst the legal services industry is 25% of the compensation awarded, however at Co-op Legal Services it is 20%.

Despite her extensive injuries Ms H was an extremely determined lady and she was keen to return to work as a secretary as quickly as possible. With the help of her supportive partner, she managed to return to work some 5 months after the car accident.

Ms H’s confidence was very shaken as a result of the accident and she found herself unable to return to driving. She also found it much more difficult to get up and down stairs and she was initially unable to carry out all of the requirements of her job.

Ms H eventually changed job roles and moved home. She had some permanent effects from the accident but generally has managed to resume most of her pre-accident activities.

How We Helped

Senior Personal Injury Solicitor Jason Harries acted on Ms H’s behalf.

Liability for the car accident was disputed by the other driver who alleged that the accident was caused by a tyre blow out and not by bad driving.

Whilst the dispute was being resolved a rehabilitation plan was put in place and Ms H received assessment and support from an independent case manager who arranged for a private taxi account, private physiotherapy, and counselling.

Jason and his team of personal injury claims specialists obtained professional photographs and police reports, as well as engineering evidence and accident reconstruction evidence to support Ms H’s claim, to show that the other driver caused the accident and should have been aware of the defective tyre. Despite that evidence the other side still refused to accept responsibility and so Court Proceedings were commenced to prove the case.

The Outcome

Ms H fortunately made a very good recovery from the serious injuries suffered in the accident. She was able to resume working and had returned to many of her hobbies.

Eventually, before the case could reach a formal Trial, the Defendants made an offer to settle the claim and Ms H was offered £115,000 in compensation.

The compensation would cover all the losses suffered by Ms H, including her travelling expenses for taxi and train journeys after the accident. It would also provide security for her retirement. The claim also included the future costs of driving lessons to improve Ms H’s confidence and support for maintaining her home in the future.

It is part of the Co-op’s ethos and values to provide help and support in enforcing legal rights so as to prevent injustice, and we will always strive to secure the best possible compensation and rehabilitation support for our clients.

Most claims for car accidents can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

At Co-op Legal Services this means that if your claim is not successful, there is no financial risk to you as all your legal fees will be covered*. If we do win the case then our reduced personal injury success fee of 20% will save our clients’ money compared with most other personal injury claims providers.

* Subject to entering into and complying with the terms of a No Win No Fee Agreement and taking out and complying with the terms of an After The Event insurance policy (when appropriate).

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