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Road Accident Injury Claim Awarded £100,000 Compensation - Case Study

6th September 2016

By Senior Personal Injury Solicitor James Wormell

Client Situation

Our client, Mr S, is a retired Police Offer. He’d been running a gardening business that was a hobby, but also a way of earning some money since his retirement.

Unfortunately, Mr S, along with his wife, was involved in a very serious road traffic accident when the vehicle he was driving was involved in a collision. The accident happened when another driver turned across Mr S’s lane at speed and Mr S was completely unable to avoid hitting the other vehicle.

The other vehicle had three children inside that were unrestrained, plus the driver’s wife and his mother. Tragically, the driver’s mother did not survive the accident but everyone else did.

Mr S suffered from a debilitating and painful “pincer fracture” of the L4 Vertebra in the lumber spine. He had a broken back. His severe back injury caused many restrictions on his lifestyle. Because he had been in previously excellent health, this was a very unpleasant and painful experience that was hard to accept. This resulted in ongoing depression.

How We Helped

The driver of the other vehicle denied that the accident was his fault. He suggested there was another ‘phantom’ vehicle that was somehow responsible for the accident.

We attended the Inquest into the death of the driver’s mother with Mr S, and arranged a Barrister to attend the Inquest with us. The Barrister provided submissions and questions on behalf of our client at the Inquest. These helped our personal injury specialists to get further evidence from the driver of the other vehicle and also from the witnesses to the accident.

Shortly after the Inquest the insurance company of the other driver accepted that the road traffic accident was his fault.

The Outcome

Mr S’s back injuries not only caused him significant pain and upset, but his gardening business had to stop too. As a result, his long-term retirement plans were significantly scaled back as a result of his injuries.

Mr S had plans in place for a series of long distance walks in the UK and Europe with friends and family, as this was a hobby that he had enjoyed for many years before the accident. But sadly, he could not continue with these.

After four and a half years of treatment, medical investigation and analysis, a clear prognosis and future treatment map for Mr S was decided upon. This was agreed by the medical experts treating him, alongside the medical experts we had instructed.

The medical reports allowed us to settle the claim for Mr S and he received £100,000 in compensation for his injuries.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a road traffic accident, our Personal Injury Solicitors offer free legal advice and most claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis. At Co-op Legal Services this means that if we take on your personal injury claim, there is no financial risk to you, win or lose.

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