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Car Accident Claim Settled for £1,200,000 Compensation

Serious Injury Claims Solicitor - Jason Harries

Client Situation:

We were instructed in a Car Accident Claim to represent a family involved in a very serious high speed car accident in Oxford in which three members of the family were severely injured, when the driver of a 4x4 vehicle attempted to turn right across the path of our client’s car.

The resulting car accident collision required attendance by all three emergency services, with the police having to close the road, the fire brigade having to cut the occupants out of the car, and with the ambulance service attending using road and air ambulances to take the injured to hospital.

The family all suffered serious life changing physical and psychological injuries as a result of the car accident.

Case Outcome: £1,200,000 Compensation

Right after being instructed in this case, it quickly became obvious that the family would suffer considerable difficulties in returning to normal day to day life. The mother was unable to return to work and required extensive and ongoing care from a surgical team in respect of very significant leg injuries as well as a spinal injury.

The car accident also had a considerable impact on the rest of the family who had to provide assistance to the members of the family who were injured. With assistance from Personal Injury Solicitor Jason Harries the family were able to get external support and assistance by way of a taxi account, domestic support and assistance and Interim Payments of compensation to alleviate financial hardship caused as a result of the mother’s inability to return to work.

In addition we secured funding for the involvement of a case manager to organise physiotherapy, the provision of orthotic footwear, gym membership and private surgical intervention to assist with treatment.

Serious Injury Claims Solicitor Jason Harries secured a compensation settlement in the amount of £1,200,000 within three years of the accident.

We were pleased with the compensation settlement achieved as this amount should allow the client to improve her quality of life by purchasing a more suitable property for her and her family as well as securing the necessary aids and equipment that were reported upon and recommended by experts that we commissioned to advise her.

Whilst our client will continue to have to deal with the effects of the accident for the rest of her life, we are pleased that we helped her and her family to recover by securing appropriate treatment and rehabilitation throughout the course of the claim, and by securing funding and advances of settlement monies throughout the process of the claim, and by providing face to face support.

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