35% of Brits Want to Donate to Charity in Wills, but Only 7% Do

07 September 2015

HM Government has written to more than 8,000 Solicitors to ask them to promote donating to charity in Wills to their clients who are making a Will. The government has also asked more than 400,000 civil servants to consider leaving a charitable legacy.

The government campaign to grow legacy giving in Wills is conducted together with the Law Society and Remember A Charity, which promotes legacy giving. It forms part of the Remember A Charity in Your Will Week, which runs until Sunday.

The letter to Solicitors is co-signed by Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society, and Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity. It says that a recent Cabinet Office report, produced in partnership with Remember a Charity, Co-op Legal Services and the Charities Aid Foundation, showed that when professional advisors ask clients to remember a charity in their Will, they are twice as likely to do so.

The report also says that 35% of Brits want to leave money to charity in their Will, but only 7% do so.

Rob Wilson said, “In Britain, we have a fine tradition of legacy giving, with legacy income worth around £2 billion a year to charities in the UK. It is a vital part of many charities’ income and we want to encourage more Britons to consider leaving gifts to charities, creating a lasting legacy for good causes.

“The steps we’re taking this week will help make considering legacy giving an integral part of the Will writing process.”

A similar letter drafted with the Scottish Government has also gone to 862 firms of Solicitors in Scotland.

James Antoniou, Head of Wills at Co-op Legal Services said, “Many of our clients choose to benefit a charity in their Will because they have been touched by the support the charity has provided at a time of need – either to them or a loved one.

“When these circumstances occur, the importance of the role that charities play in our society truly hits home and people naturally want to give something back.”

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To see the Cabinet Office report produced in partnership with Remember a Charity, Co-operative Legal Services and the Charities Aid Foundation please click here.

Remember a Charity in your Will

Co-op Legal Services is a Remember A Charity Official Partner.

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