Remember a charity in your will

09 September 2021

Co-op Legal Services is supporting Remember a Charity Week for the 8th year running. Remember a Charity is working to highlight the importance of passing on something wonderful by leaving charitable gifts in wills.

Gifts in wills (also called charitable legacies) are an essential source of fundraising for charities. Without them many of the charities we know, and in some cases rely on, might be unable to continue with their vital work.

Charitable gifts in wills can help to push forward life-saving research, lift people out of poverty and preserve our environment for future generations.

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Things to remember when leaving a gift to charity in your will

  • There are no set rules to follow when choosing which charity to leave a gift to. Most people choose a cause they're passionate about or a charity that has helped them or loved ones in the past.

  • A gift left to a registered charity in a will is exempt from Inheritance Tax. Ask for the charity's tax exempt reference number to check they're eligible for this exemption.

  • You can leave anything you own to charity, including property, land, shares, money or a specific personal possession. If you'd like the charity to use the gift for something in particular, discuss this with them to make sure they can do this.

  • You can leave any number of gifts to any number of charities - there's no limit. But it is important to think carefully about exactly what you'd like to leave to which charity.

  • A full list of registered charities in England and Wales can be found on

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