Injured cyclist awarded £60,000 compensation

08 February 2021

Serious Injury Solicitor, Jason Harries, supported the injured cyclist through his claim.

Client situation

Our client, Mr B was injured while cycling, when a car attempted to cut across his path as he was travelling to work. He hit the front of the car, and went over the bonnet, landing on his back and striking the kerb. Fortunately he was wearing a cycle helmet which prevented serious head injury but he still suffered fractures to his shoulder blades (on both sides) and he fractured his pelvis.

At the time of the accident, Mr B was 63 years old. He had a job working in a warehouse and he was a keen cyclist.

After the accident, he was taken to hospital by ambulance, but he was discharged as the medical staff treating him decided he did not need surgery. For a long time after the accident, he continued to suffer with restricted movement in his shoulders, along with aching pain and discomfort.

Mr B was unable to return to work for 10 months, due to the physical nature of his job. After 10 months, he returned on light duties.

He was also unable to continue cycling, which was his main mode of transport. This meant he had to rely on his wife for lifts or take public transport. Before the accident, Mr B was also very capable at DIY, but he found undertaking work around the house much more difficult because of his injuries.

How we helped

Mr B instructed Co-op Legal Services to help and his case was assigned to Senior Personal Injury Solicitor, Jason Harries. Jason presented a claim on Mr B’s behalf against the driver of the car and their insurers.

The car driver accepted responsibility for causing the accident, as she had not seen Mr B approaching when she had made her turn, even though he was wearing hi-vis clothing.

Because the other side admitted liability early on, this meant that interim payments could be made to Mr B while his claim was still ongoing. This helped to cover Mr B’s lost earnings while he was unable to work.

A rehabilitation case manager was appointed to provide additional support to Mr B when he returned to work. They recommended and arranged additional private physiotherapy to help with Mr B’s recovery.

Co-op Legal Services also got an expert opinion on Mr B’s spinal injury and the required treatment, from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who specialised in shoulder injuries. That expert provided an interim report and a final prognosis for the injury, concluding that the accident would result in permanent symptoms that would prevent Mr B from undertaking heavier work in the future.

The outcome

Our Personal Injury Solicitors gathered all of the evidence needed to calculate the potential value of Mr B’s claim. Mr B was advised throughout the claim and we also obtained the opinion of a barrister on the valuation of the claim.

In light of this evidence, and following our negotiations with the driver’s insurers, a compensation settlement of £60,000 was paid to Mr B.

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